Street Dancing

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at Pasta Bar on May 31, 2013 since Tapas Royale was closed.  I had a spinach tagliatelle with shrimp, spinach and rucula.  Ivan had a tagliatelle with mushrooms.  He was miffed since he asked for spinach tagliatelle and he got regular tagliatelle.  The chef said it’s the same, but it clearly tastes different.  He offered to make it again, but Ivan was really hungry so he just ate it.

Lil Dave went to go meet up with Senor Dave.  They were going to take a monkey tapas tour around Barcelona.  Sounds fun!

Ivan and I went to the Arc de Triomphe for the meeting point for a tour.

It was time to do the free Barcelona Street Style Tour.  Our guide was Mike a guy from California.  I love tours where the guide speaks English because they’re usually funny and more interesting.

The tour was two hours long.  It was great going around the El Borne area and the Gothic Quarter seeing all the cool graffiti.  We saw some great stencil artists that add color like C215 and Alice.

Lovely girl by C215

I liked the cool tiles by SRAM21.  Mike knew all about the artists.  He was very passionate about it.  He thinks that graffiti is ego driven to prove that they exist.   Some artists are anonymous like the guy who puts up Gameboys.

The street art is visually stimulating.  Mike said that one artist loves to get any reaction (good or bad) from the public.. as long as they’re reacting to it.

A popular thing for artists to do is the persianas which is the black steel cover that goes over your store’s doors.

Colorful Persiana

A store owner will pay a street artist to make something on their persiana.  It doesn’t have to go along with the theme of the store, just something that’s cool.

We stopped by Montana Gallery and Bode was currently exhibiting there.

Cram's work with the pierced rat

It was amazing to see so much graffiti from many street artists like Duo, Demetrius Taxidermist, Nieta, Miss Van (the first lady of street art), Dolk, Pez, Penelope, Olae, Vegan Bunnies, Okrabelo, Dr. Case, Cram and La Peluga.

I do like Penelope’s work since she loves hearts.  She had a broken heart so she made broken hearts.  It seems that’s she’s fine now since she’s making full hearts like hearts made of of CDs.

Penelope's CD heart

Her work is simple, but cute.

We saw street art that said La Calle es de Todos which means The Streets are for Everyone.  Mike said that if we took anything from this tour it should be the message The Streets are for Everyone.  I do agree.  I think graffiti and street art can be quite lovely and cool – it’s not ugly. Mike thinks that street art is more impactful than art in a gallery.  People can take a photo of a street art piece and put it on the internet.

Dolk's Funny R2 art

Many people see the photo online and it can influence others to create their own stuff.

We stopped at Base Elements.  it’s a cool urban art gallery filled with cool art and street art.  We got a preview of El Arte es Basura exhibition which was opening tonight.  It was really cool to see his work.


He takes trash on the street and makes it into street art.  Awhile back, the law said that trash was public property if it was on the curb. But, recently a law was passed that makes trash government property once it’s on the curb since they will be picking it up.  So, he has been fined because of this law.

Big wall filled with street art

I highly recommend this tour.  It’s fun to see all the great street art and hear more about how it’s done and about the street artists.

I think graffiti tours are my favorite types of tours because it’s so cool to see all the cool street art – I would have never found it all otherwise.  I love how creative they are.

Next, we walked to Travel Bar.  Ivan wanted to do a cooking class.  We have previously done the cooking class before a few years ago.  It was fun and it came with lots of food and drinks.

We found out there was still space so we signed up.

The group was really big filled with 20 people.  Our teacher Leeard took us to the market.  He bought ingredients for the seafood paella.  We saw weird things like lamb’s head and cow’s stomach.  It doesn’t look very appetizing.

We got to make our own bread and tomato.  The sangria is alright – I think I make a better sangria.  We also got some patatas bravas, Spanish omelet, jamon, and padron peppers to eat.  It was unlimited sangria.

The teacher Leeard started making the paella.  It looked really good with all the seafood going in.

Ivan stirring the paella

The group got a chance to make their own sangria.  Ours was really strong since Ivan put a lot of alcohol in it.  I don’t like putting too much orange juice since it’s very overpowering.

The paella was served later on.  It was very tasteless.  Ivan and I have made better paella at home in Las Vegas.

That night, we had dinner at Tapas Royale.  Ivan and I shared lots of food like bread and tomato and tapas: eggplant with cheese, anchovies, goat cheese with apple and smoked salmon.  It was so very good.  I liked that the restaurant played Queen and my favorite Smiths song Bigmouth Strikes Again.

Ivan noticed a couple that he knew weren’t in the restaurant and wondered where they came from.  We had forgotten that this restaurant has a bar with a dance floor.  It was located right behind the restaurant.  Ivan thought it was so cool that you can eat a lovely meal and then pop into their cool club for free.

The music theme for the night was vintage music and it was lively and fun.  The bar had red lights around it and mirrors on the ceiling.  I kept looking at myself.  I tried to take a picture of myself in the ceiling, but it came out very blurry.  Ivan and I danced for awhile to the unique music.


Gaudí Tapas

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 11 am on May 30, 2013.  We used the internet while we waited for our laundry to finish.

We left at 2 pm.  I asked Ivan if he had the key and he said yes, but he didn’t check.. so I closed the door.  It turned out he didn’t have the key.  I guess I should have hesitated more while he actually checked.  He called the lady with the Airbnb apartment.  He was going to meet somebody to get the key in 30 minutes.

It was time for lunch and we walked to Irati for tapas.  Lil Dave had to make his own bananas with some bread.  Ivan and I shared a bunch of tapas: crab meat with egg, anchovies, smoked salmon, goat cheese with quince and cabbage.

We went on the Runner Bean Gaudí Free Walking Tour.  I asked Ivan if we could take a Gaudí tour and he found this one online.  Our meeting point was at my favorite square in Barcelona Plaça Reial.

The tour was 10 people and 1 monkey.  Our guide was named Miguel.  It was cool to hear about the history of Gaudí.  He was Catalan and refused to speak Spanish.

Our first stop was Palau Guelle with the colored chimneys – one looks like ice cream.  Gaudí broke the tiles and put them back together.

The group took the Metro and then walked to Casa Batlló which is definitely my favorite Gaudí building.  It looks quite gothic and cool.  I love the skulls outside of the windows.

The cool Casa Batlló

It has aptly gained the nickname The House of Bones.  I really love the style of this building.  It’s very unique and looks like something out of a dark Gothic movie.  The Chupa Chups inventor currently owns the Casa Battló.  Miguel told us that people still live here and their rent is really cheap since they’ve lived there for ages.  Imagine living in this cool building.

Gaudí was a madman and a genius.  He was very creative and loved putting color in his work. He was over way over budget with his projects.  He didn’t seem to eat much. He was either working or he was at church.   I love Gaudí’s Park Guell, but sadly the tour doesn’t go there.

We walked shortly down the street to our next stop which was Casa Milà or better known as La Pedrera (The Quarry).

La Pedrera

Roser Segimon and Pere Milà i Camps, the owners, thought that it would look like Casa Batlló, but it didn’t turn out that way.   Miguel said that women would cover their children’s eyes when passing by this building since they thought it was so ugly.  It’s not the prettiest of buildings.  I’ve heard the statues on the roof are really worth looking at.  It was a troubled commission with Gaudí fighting with the owner and putting in vengeful things in the balcony.

I’m not too fond of this building.  From afar it looks awful.  Up close, the balconies do look interesting though.  I would love to see the roof though.  Statues on the roof have inspired George Lucas’ Stormtroopers in Star Wars.  I could see how he could have gotten inspiration from the statues’ helmets.

Statues on the La Pedrera's roof

Picture is from Gage Academy of Art.

The owners didn’t actually give Gaudi his all his payment in the end.  He ended up taking Milà to court and ended up winning 105,000 pesetas.

Our guide Miguel reminded everybody that we would be on the Metro and it’s full of pickpockets.  You should watch all your belongings and not have any loose items visible.  He said if you have a backpack put it on your front, so you can see it at all times.  Of course, somebody didn’t listen.

We took the Metro and we came out and an Asian girl got her wallet knicked (stolen).  Miguel went back to see what was going on.  Ivan didn’t know what was going on, so we walked on.  I guess they were trying to see if they could find it.  I’m sure it was long gone by now since the train had already left.  She thought that she’d be able to feel it if somebody tried to take something.  Really?! A pickpocket is not going to make it obvious he’s taking your stuff.

The last stop was of course the huge Sagrada Familia.

The huge Sagrada Familia

It’s a massive building that still isn’t finished and it’s been 131 years.  It’s sad that the originals model was broken since vandals decided to smash it.  But, they did somehow manage to put it back together.  I know it would be a big undertaking to try to copy what Gaudi was trying to create.  But, I seriously don’t know what’s taking too long.  Ivan and I think it’s because the Spanish are lazy and they take too many siestas.  Ivan says if the Sagrada Familia was in Las Vegas, it’d be done in 2 years just like the big hotels that are built.  The estimated date of completion is 2026.  I would love to see it once it’s done.

This side shows the death of Christ

Gaudí wanted it as a church since he was so religious.  One side is the birth of Christ which is the more popular side.  The other side is the death of Christ which isn’t meant to be nice.  The fruit’s meaning on the building means abundance while the chalice represent the blood of Christ and the wheat and bread are the body of Christ.

This is a great tour if you would love to find out more about Antoni Gaudí and a few of his greatest works.

We walked around and Ivan put the coordinates for Hector in his phone, so I checked out their pink boots. The price is €190. I couldn’t believe they were so expensive. I know they’re leather made in Italy.. but that’s way too much money. I know I could buy plenty of shoes with €190.

Later that night, Lil Dave went out to meet up with his cousin Senor Dave for dinner.

Ivan and I had dinner at Bohèmic.  This was a cute modern tapas restaurant run by a family.  Ivan and I ordered bread and tomato, sweet tuna, patata bravas, cod fish fritters, crab salad with the crab from Alaska and red wine.  For dessert, we got a chocolate cake with ice cream.  It was served in a cute jar.

Me with a spoon & dessert

The meal was delicious except the sweet tuna was rather boring.

I really wanted to check out the cool music bar I saw yesterday.  The Sin Copa Music Bar is cool since there’s a fake band on the ceiling hanging down.

Sin Copa band on the ceiling

Ivan and I each got a Kir Royal drink which was champagne and something else.. but, not sure what it was.  It was tasty and had a nice reddish color though.  I love Barcelona. It’s filled with many unique bars, restaurants and shops.  I could definitely live here.

Ivan was still hungry, so we walked around.  We stopped at Tapas Royale.  He had a fish and an eggplant tapa.

We went back at midnight since our feet were so tired from walking a lot during the tour.


Sailing Barcelona

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 11 am on May 29, 2013.  We used the internet for awhile.

Ivan and I packed everything up and checked out shortly after noon.

We had to walk around to find a taxi which took a few minutes.  We hopped in and were off to Puerto Portals.

Lee was at the marina waiting for us.  I guess we had to hurry since we were late already.  He was mad that we brought our luggage.  He thought we would leave it in the storage room at the hotel.  He never relayed that to Ivan though.

It was another overcast day, but hopefully it’ll clear up later.

Headed out of Puerto Portal

It was great to go sailing on the boat.  I love how the wind goes through my hair and how the lovely blue water sparkles.

We drove to one place and it was really great.

Cool spot to stop in

Lee and Louise kept looking for a good place to anchor down and we did.  The restaurant in the distance looked good.  Everybody wanted to stop and go explore, but Lee didn’t think it was that nice.  Plus, the yacht had turned completely around and we almost hit this really cute boat that was next to us.  Loads of boats had stopped and parked.. so I’m not sure what the problem was.  But, you gotta do what the Captain says or he might make you walk the plank.


There was a cool cave I wanted to explore here.  I wonder what’s in there.

Lee thought we should just head to Magaluf.  Ivan thought he’d give driving the yacht a go.


We saw some really cool houses while we sailed on the sea.

Cool houses right by the sea

Lee parked the yacht in the middle of the sea.

Lee driving with his first mate Louise by his side

Louise was at the front of the yacht making sure the anchor went down alright.

Lil Dave was excited to see Reggie the bear again, so he decided to share some of his bananas with Reggie and chat about traveling and Spain.

Louise, the first mate of the Encore, took the cover off the rib (rigid inflatable boat).

We piled on to the rib.  I’m glad I got to take a good picture of the yacht from the rib.

The lovely Encore

Lee asked Louise if the anchor was tight enough.  She thought it was fine.  Lee drove us to the dock and we got out.  The beach was a lot busier than yesterday.

It was time to find a restaurant for lunch.  Lee thought Godfather’s was good.  We were too hungry to make an effort to find something else, so we went to sit down.

Ivan ordered a veggie burger while I got the grilled sole.  Ivan and I got sparkling water since I had a big headache from all that drinking yesterday.

Lee kept looking at the boat to see if it was moving.  He couldn’t relax at all.  He rushed off a few minutes later since he swore the boat had moved a lot.

Our food came and Lee was moving the boat and putting the anchor down.  The food was so good.  I’m glad I got the sole this time since it was so much better than the chicken breast.

Lee came back when we were eating.  He said the boat had actually moved.  Goodness, it seems like so much stress owning a boat.

Lee went to grab our luggage while we went to grab a popsicle. We found the best popsicles which are Magnum No. 1 Kiss – Crème Brulee.

We gathered our luggage and Lil Dave.  It was time to say good-bye.  We hugged and said bye to Lee and Louise.  I was sad because they’re both so cool.  It’s great to be able to hang out with people who you love chatting to and you have lots of fun with them.  I hope we can meet up with them later in our trip in London.

Ivan and I walked to find a place to use the internet since we had time to spare.  Chi Lounge was a perfect place to grab a rosé with free wi-fi.

We got a taxi to the airport at 5:15 pm.  Check in and Security were pretty quiet so we got through at 5:45 PM.

The gate wasn’t listed yet, so we just sat down and played our Candy Crush Saga games. No free wi-fi at this airport which is such a shame.

Our flight was leaving at 6:55 pm, but boarding was late at 6:35 pm.

Ivan and I were sat in different seats (a few rows apart) since it was two different booking and it was a busy flight.  Somehow, Ivan ended up in first class with a bit more leg room.

I don’t even remember taking off since I was tired for some reason and fell asleep.. probably since I was still hungover.  The flight was only an hour.

We grabbed our luggage and went to the Aerobús.  It was a 30 minute ride to La Rambla.

We arrived at the Airbnb apartment at 9 pm.  It was 15 flights of stairs to reach the 3rd floor.  In Barcelona, there’s a ground floor, a principal and then it starts with the first floor.  At times like this, I wish we had our big backpacks again.  We’re actually not backpacking this time, like we usually do, since we bought two pink rolling suitcases.  I did my best with carrying the suitcase most of the way.  Ivan was sweet and helped me for a few flights since I was struggling.

Dinner was at Quimet & Quimet.  Ivan read about this restaurant online and Anthony Bourdain visited it… so, it’s very popular.  It probably doesn’t help that the bar is really small.  It was super crowded when we went.  Ivan and I squeezed ourselves inside.  I found a spot for us to eat, so I saved it while Ivan went to the long line to order tapas.

Can you spot Ivan?

The place has so many bottles of wine gracing the walls around the bar.  The prices were quite reasonable.  I love checking out wine bottle labels.  I will buy a wine based on it’s label alone.  The cute or more creative ones really stand out for me.

Lil Dave brought his own bananas to make his own tapas.  It’s hard to find banana tapas anywhere. Ivan purchased a bunch of pescetarian tapas like squid stuffed with tuna, shrimp with caviar on top, cod and goat cheese with fish.

Tapas & Wine

I love the goat cheese ones because they’re almost always good – how can you go wrong with goat cheese?  I love these tapa bars that have unique tapas.  It just makes you want to try all the different ones!  The food was so very tasty here.  It was cheap and tasted great with a glass of red wine.

Ivan and me at Quimet & Quimet

I highly recommend this place.. but be aware that they’ll probably be a crowd of people inside.

We started walking to a bar that we tried to go to the last time we were in Barcelona, but it was way too crowded to get in since it was the weekend.

Espit Chupitos was pretty quiet when we walked in.  I read that the bar can only hold 33 people at one time.  No wonder it gets so busy really fast.

Only part of the 200 chupitos list

This bar has a big list of over 200 chupitos (shots) with cool names for only €2 each.  I wrote down some of my favorite names: Tarantino, Terminator, Harry Potter, Kremlin, Creep Show, Baby Gum, Exorcista, Wasabi, Orgasmo, Johnnie Cool, Snoopy, Gonzo, Ivana, Sex, 69, Furby, Kangaroo, Tarzan, Pepino, Vampiro, Bin Laden, Coca Loca, Willy Wonka, Dracula, Bob Marley, Pulp Fiction and Playa Banana (Lil Dave’s favorite name).

Ivan asked for Antorcha since he read about it on the internet.  The lady put alcohol in a shot glass which I believe may be 151 according to a blog I read.  On a side note: I also read that some shots involve sex toys – Hmm, I wonder which ones.  A hollowed out half of an orange is then placed on top of the shot glass and sugared and alcohol added to it.

Anthorcha chupito

The orange is then lit on fire which I thought was really cool.  The lady gave us each a straw and we drank the sugary mixture.

Me and the Antorcha chupito

After that, we weren’t sure what to do. Ivan asked the lady. She said we had to squeeze the orange into the shot glass which gave it a sugary mixture.  It was quite tasty!

I was excited to try another shot or two since the list was so long.  I HAD to try the Harry Potter since I’m a big fan.  I told Ivan he should try the Creep Show.  The Harry Potter also was lit on fire, but the Creep Show wasn’t.  The Harry Potter came with a round lemon slice and it was sweet and tasted good. The Creep Show was red and super strong.  We only took a few sips of it.  I gave it away in the end to a French group since I don’t like wasting alcohol.

Ivan told me that a popular chupito is The Boy Scout.  A marshmallow is roasted over an open flame during the shot.  How cool is that!?  Unfortunately, they were out… maybe they ran out of marshmallows.  Too bad.

Ivan wanted to walk around some.  I would have been happy just trying more shots.

We saw some cool bars like Soda and Sin Copa Music Bar.  We looked inside both, but we didn’t go stay for a drink.  I also saw a cool leather boot shop called Hector that I thought we should check out tomorrow since I saw some hot pink boots that looked cool.

It was time to head back to the apartment to get some rest.


Sailors, Sangria & Wet T-shirts

On May 28, 2013, the weather was looking really bad again like yesterday.  Ivan and I packed our luggage up.  Lil Dave had a sad good-bye with his new friend Reggie the bear.  It was time to leave the cool yacht Encore.

Ivan, Lil Dave, Lee, Louise and I got into a taxi to Magaluf.  We went to Sotavento club-apartments.  Outside the pool area, we noticed lots of young British people.  The place looked very pretty and trendy inside.

Ivan and I wanted to check in, but the room wasn’t ready yet.  We filled out our paperwork.  They ask way too many questions like your address and e-mail address when you’re checking into a hostel or hotel.  I’m not sure what they do with this information.  We stored our luggage in the storage room.

Everybody was starving, so we were set on finding a restaurant as soon as possible.

We walked all along the beach to check out Nikki Beach’s menu.  I knew it would be too expensive.  Ivan complained to the hostess that it was even more expensive than the one that used to be open in Las Vegas and he thought that was expensive.  Lee got embarrassed by this since he will be coming back here.  Ivan doesn’t care what people think.  I wish I was more like that… I try to be, but I still do for some reason.

We walked back to the first restaurant since the rest of the restaurants looked alright, but nothing too special.

We sat down at The Beach Club and Ivan ordered a jug of cava sangria.  I have always loved sangria with red wine and never tried white sangria until this trip.  The cava sangria is so light and refreshing.  It’s definitely a drink for the summer.  I’m going to make it when I’m back at home.

The menu was small, but with reasonable prices.  Ivan and I each got a Skagen wrap which is a slightly sweet mayonnaise mixture with shrimp.  Ivan also had a fruit salad.  The food was so tasty.  The DJ was playing some cool lounge house music.

The Beach Club pool

Our table was right by the pool.  The Beach Club is really pretty.  It was quiet though.

There was a loud bar next door filled with young girls.  Of course, Lee and Ivan went to go check it out.  The music sounded weird like some folk music probably from these young girl’s country which we were thinking was Sweden.  The girls were really getting into the music and dancing around.  A guy who had his shirt off was wearing an Indian head thing and a lei who was standing on the tables.

It turned out they were from Sweden and probably all 18 years old.  The Terrible Twins (Ivan and Lee) were invited on their boat party at 5 pm.  But, if Louise and I wanted to go it would be 50 Euros for each of us.

Lee & Louise at The Beach Club

It was fun to chat and laugh with Lee and Louise while enjoying the lovely cava sangria.

Ivan and Lee kept saying how they’re going to go on the booze cruise with the young Swedish girls.  Louise and I were thinking they were full of it.  Louise said Yah, go ahead. I know Louise didn’t want to go on that boat with a bunch of young 18 year olds.  Although, it would be funny seeing them on the boat get even more drunk than they already are… and puking on the side of the boat.  I didn’t care what we did really.  I’m usually up for most things unless it’s skydiving or bungee jumping.

The crazy Swedish girls left a few minutes later.  Ivan and Lee left to see what was going on.

I knew they’d be back shortly.  The boys came back and said that the boat was super full, but they found a cool busy bar with a Wet T-shirt competition which was two bars down.  So, we paid our bill and headed to Mambo’s Terrace.

It was packed with Brits.  This is where all the people were!!  Lee was all excited since the Wet T-shirt was going on and apparently one was really fit (good-looking).  We grabbed a table with a good view of the stage.

Ivan and his beer

Ivan and Lee got beers while Louise and I were only allowed vodka lemonades.  I guess we had too much sangria already.

I noticed a bunch of guys dressed as sailors and figured it was a stag do (bachelor party).

A few minutes later, one of the sailors gave us a free tray of shots. He was really nice. He told us to take some and then pass it along. The shots were Sambuca.

Wet T-shirt competition girls

We kept watching the wet t-shirt competition.  The girls would give the judges (who were guys from the audience) a lap dance and then go talk to the MC.  The MC was asking questions about their life.  I’m sure the people in the bar didn’t really care where she was from or if she had a boyfriend.  After, the girl would dance on a little platform and get sprayed with water.  Most of the girls were quite rough and weren’t very pretty.  Their bodies were alright.  Louise and I thought one tall blonde girl looked like a horse.  The best girl was definitely Maya who was pretty and had a nice body.

Wet t-shirt competition entrant

Louise and I were rooting for her to win.

Later, the girls had to ride the mechanical bull.  The point wasn’t about making the girl fly off. But, instead the controller was making sure the right parts were bouncing.. so it was really slow.  I think I could deal with that kind of mechanical bull ride.  Maya was quite flexible and made a great pose on the bull.

Fancy moves on the bull

The winners were announced and sadly Maya came in 2nd place.  The fit blonde bird (who wasn’t really fit at all) that Lee liked won.  I don’t know why though – she wasn’t anything special.

I just HAD to get a picture with one of the sailors who was dressed like Popeye.  I thought it was hilarious.  At this point, I was drunk and I’d talk to anybody.  When I’m sober, I can be quiet shy around people I don’t know.  The English sailors were quite funny.  The group of guys were a stag do like I thought.

Me and Popeye!

I was talking to Popeye and he looked very sober.  I told him he needed to drink more and asked where is spinach was.  He didn’t even drink the Jager bomb that the other sailor was passing out to everybody.  One guy named Sam.. he was very huggable.  He was like a teddy bear.

Me & Sam the huggy bear

I asked the English guys where they thought I was from.  I was trying to talk in an English accent since I’ve been around Ivan, Lee and Louise (who are all English) lately.. I thought I might be catching their accent.  But, they weren’t fooled and said America.  I told them my husband was English.  They asked which one and I said the one with the cat ears.  A few got excited and said Let’s go meet the husband!

I was over there talking to the sailors for awhile.  I saw one who had a lock in his ear and I told him he looked gay.  Even his picture turned out quite camp.

I went back to our table because Ivan thought I should come back.

Louise being Asian

We chatted and were thinking of going somewhere else since the bar was clearing out.

I went to the toilet and when I came out a young black man approached me.  I thought he was so cute and kept pinching his cheeks like a grandma does to her little grandson.  He said he was 31 years old and I said Oh, you must be 25 years old.  He’s probably a lot younger..now that I think about it.  He wanted to take me back to his place.  I see why Magaluf has the nickname Shagaluf.  It’s so easy to get shagged here!  I laughed and said I was married. But, that didn’t seem to deter him.  I asked him where he thought I was from.  He said London.  I was so happy about that.. since I fooled one person.  Although, it would be better to fool an English person.

We walked around to find dinner.

Lee's ready for food!

Lee really wanted to go to Godfather’s since he’s been before.  I was glad to use the free internet.  Ivan ordered the grilled sole while I got the chicken breast.  My chicken breast wasn’t anything special.. just ok.  Ivan’s sole looked huge and tasty.

We walked around Magaluf.  Ivan and I kept stopping in the souvenir shops.  I found one shop that had really funny souvenirs.  We bought a few things like a hula skirt and penis keychains.

Lee thought we should go somewhere to have a drink before we called it a night.

We went to Alex’s Bar and had a drink.  I’m so glad that we had a really fun, crazy day out.  We said bye to Lee and Louise since they were headed back to the yacht.  Ivan and I walked back to the club apartment and checked in.

We took it easy – we used the internet and had pot noodles for a late night snack before going to sleep.


Driving around Mallorca

Ivan and I woke up at 11:30 am on May 27, 2013.  It was really bad weather out – overcast with black clouds looming above.  Ivan and Lee went to see if they could rent a car, so we could explore the island since the weather wasn’t good.

Lee send a text message to Louise saying that we should grab some clothes for dinner later.

We saw Ivan and Lee with a cute little dark blue car a few minutes later.  They told us to hurry since we had to get the car back at 5 pm.  Louise wasn’t sure why we needed our clothes for dinner later then.  I thought it was a bit odd that they would only rent the car for a few hours as opposed to one day, but I didn’t question it.  I usually just go with the flow.

At 1 pm, we all piled into the little car and drove off towards the mountains.  Nobody really had a definite plan of where to go.  Ivan picked up a Mallorca magazine and was reading that. Somebody read (can’t remember who) that Alcúdia was nice.

There was a cool house music CD in the car.  We played it and all the songs were so fun and good.

We were driving and saw a sign for Campanet and Lee thought we should check it out since he was driving.  It was a really small town that was too quiet.  So, we zoomed through the town and headed back to the freeway.  It was a good thing that Ivan was using his GPS, so we wouldn’t get lost.

Our next stop was Alcúdia.  We walked through the city walls which were old castle walls.


We checked out some souvenir shops.  One shop was selling figs, nuts and apricots.


Ivan and I tried the figs and they were tasty.  We ended up buying a bag of figs with onions.  Sounds weird, but it was actually really good.  Lil Dave was disappointed that bananas weren’t featured in their products.

We saw two restaurants.  Lee thought Pizzeria Restaurant looked good.


The restaurant was located in a great square.  I really wish the USA had cool squares.

Ivan and I shared bruschetta, cucumber with mint and a vegetarian pizza.


Lil Dave got a nice banana pizza.  The food was real good.

It was nice to check out the cool postcards and souvenirs.


It was time to start driving to the next place which was Alcúdia Mar which was the marina.

Ivan, Lee, Louise, Lil Dave and I walked down to the marina.


Lee and I had to use the toilet.  I really should have used the toilet at the restaurant before we left.  There was a short line for the port-a-potties.  I knew it was a bad idea since you could smell how much it reeked from outside.  I went in and it stank so bad.  The toilet wasn’t flushing, so there was tons of toilet paper just stuck in the toilet bowl.  I had to pee really bad though, so I had to go even though I just wanted to puke and get out of there.  That was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a toilet.  How can nobody clean this up? So gross.

We walked around the marina, but there wasn’t anything going on.  It would have looked prettier with better weather.

We stopped by an arcade.  Ivan, Lil Dave and Lee played a few games.


Ivan and I bought a cute little sangria bottle which had a hat and castanets on it. I thought it would be a good souvenir for us.

It was time for our next destination which was Artà.  I was so tired since we didn’t sleep that much last night.  Lee and I fell asleep while Ivan drove.

When we reached Artà, Lee decided to stay in the car and sleep.  Ivan, Louise and I walked through the cute town and checked out the shops.  These towns have the best postcards.  I love sending postcards and try to pick good ones to send to my family and friends.


The shops were once again very unique and quaint.

We all walked back to the car.

Lee seemed refreshed enough to drive.  I fell asleep again.  Lee drove us to a supermarket and picked up a bunch of things.

It was time to head back to Palma de Mallorca.  I’m glad we got to explore more of the island.  Too bad the weather didn’t clear up though.

We chilled back at the boat for awhile.  Ivan and I used the internet.

Lil Dave and Reggie the bear went out for dinner at Molly’s.  Reggie wanted to introduce Lil Dave to some of his bear friends.

Later, it was time for dinner.  I decided to get dressed up and wore the summer dress I recently bought in Ibiza.  We walked to Flanigan for dinner.  Ivan and I went to this restaurant our first day in Mallorca for lunch.

Everybody wanted paella since we didn’t get to have it the night before at the seafood restaurant.  Ivan ordered baby squid croquettes since they tasted great the other day.

The service was really slow tonight for some reason.  We all ordered paella.  Louise and Lee shared the mixed paella while we got seafood paella.


Oh my god, it was the best paella I’ve ever had.  It’s slightly better than the one we had at Formentera Restaurant in Ibiza.  It was so moist and the seafood was delectable.  If you’re ever in Palma de Mallorca, you have to stop by Flanigan for their paella, tapas and apple pie.

I was really stuffed and forgot we already ordered the apple pie (It takes 30 minutes to make).  I’m glad we were sharing it, so we each had one slice.  It was so tasty as usual.

Lee was tired and wanted to go back.  We walked toward Ritzi Bar Lounge because the rest of us wanted to do something.  Ritzi was so quiet though and we didn’t feel like going to Magaluf.  So, we decided to call it a night.


Seafood Magic

Ivan and I were waken up by Lee at 1:30 pm on May 26, 2013.  He wanted to know if we wanted to join him and Louise for lunch.  We said yes and got changed.

Lee and Louise had been up since 10:30 am.  We walked toward the sushi restaurant since Lee was craving sushi.


We decided to check out Botanica Insolata which is a garden market which sells raw food, wooden decorations, flowers and plants.

We all sat down at Tahini.  The restaurant had a lunch special for 27 Euros, so we all decided to get it since it seemed like a good deal.

The appetizer was miso soup which came with fish along with the onions and tofu.  I thought it was alright.  I didn’t finish it since I knew a lot of food would be coming soon.  I don’t want to eat too much since I always seem to gain weight when I’m traveling.


The sushi came out next which tasted pretty good.  Ivan didn’t want the chicken yakitori, so he got extra sushi.  I’m sure he was happy about that since he loves sushi.

The rest of the food came out next which was chicken yakitori, langostino tempura and noodles.  I really enjoyed the chicken yakitori probably since it’s been awhile since I’ve had it.

Dessert was up next which was a brownie filled with walnuts and vanilla ice cream.  It was a lovely dessert.

There are many cool shops in Puerto Portales.  I’m glad we got a chance to browse a few of them.  My favorite shop was definitely Insight.


It’s filled with cool art, products and clothing.

I liked seeing the cool high heels like the hot pink spiked Christian Louboutin shoes.


I would love to rock these shoes… but, they’re really expensive, very, very high heels and the heels look like that they might be uncomfortable. The extra height would be amazing. I would be over 5 foot then.

Lee thought it would be nice to walk around and check out all the boats.  It was cool to see the different styles of the boats and the cool names.  Some names are a bit lame like Sue Ellen or Sanity.  I prefer the cool ones like Flying Fox, XS and Dads Toy.


Ivan, Lee, Louise and I headed back to the boat.  Lee and Louise went up to the deck to have a siesta (nap).  Ivan and I went to Wellies to use the internet.  There is a free connection on the port, but it doesn’t work on the boat.  You’d think the port would have an amazing connection considering how much the boat owner’s pay to park their boat at the port yearly.  The port should have strong routers along the port.

Ivan and I used the internet while we sipped on our espresso.  I worked on the blog.

We walked back to the boat.  Louise asked if we would like tea.  I said that would be amazing since it’s chilly out.  I was hoping it would warm me up a bit.  We chatted for awhile.  It’s so great to find people who are fun, cool, funny, laidback and don’t get offended easily.

Ivan did a few magic tricks and amazed Lee and Louise.


I know the secrets to Ivan’s magic tricks and have seen the tricks performed many times – so I don’t usually watch too closely.  Unlike hypnosis, it gets repetitive.  Ivan does hypnosis which is a lot more fun since it’s always different since people have different personalities and imaginations.

Ivan and I bought colored streamers in Las Vegas to decorate the boat – one was the gay pride colors and the other was pink zebra print.  Ivan stuck some up, but did a poor job of it.. just scattered everywhere willy nilly.  I have decorated parties before with streamers.  So, I decided to decorate different areas on the boat which turned out looking cool.


Kids passed by and wanted to come to our party.  I’m sure the parents saw the gay pride streamers and thought I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy their gay party.  I wonder how the gay pride colors came about.  I’m thinking that a gay man thought Oh, I just love rainbows! and he was very creative and decided to decorate his house with the rainbow colors with flags and blankets and somehow it caught on like a house on fire.

Lil Dave the monkey and Reggie the bear went out to get some dinner.  Dave said there’s a cool restaurant where animals can have fun and dance to pop music during afterhours which is 10 pm.  I hope Lil Dave doesn’t start any trouble.  He can be a cheeky lil monkey sometimes,

Later that night, Ivan, Lee, Louise and I got a taxi to Puerto Adriano.  It’s another port where Lee actually was thinking about parking his boat.  The area was nice, but it has way too much concrete which probably looks very too industrial during the day.  It seems more like a rock quarry since it’s surrounded by rocks.  It was also eerily quiet there especially compared to Puerto Portales.

We walked around the port to find a nice restaurant for dinner.  We soon found out that most of the restaurants close at 10:30 pm.  A guy said that some of the restaurants do close at 11 pm, but he wasn’t sure which ones.

Ivan looked up that the port was designed by Philippe Starck.  It had a lot of brown wood and teak floors.  It was modern, but not as nice as other Starck’s designs that we’ve seen.  I did like the weird tree plants I saw amongst the shops and restaurant.


We walked really fast to the first restaurant we saw earlier.  I hoped that it was still open.  Restaurant El Faro, which is a seafood restaurant, was still open, so we sat down.  Since it was kitchen was closing in 30 minutes, we had to order as fast as possible.  I think the chef really wanted to go home or something.  The waiter was adamant that we couldn’t get paella since it does take awhile to cook.  Ivan and Louise were disappointed since they thought paella sounded really good.  Oh, well.. I’m sure we can get some paella tomorrow.

Ivan and I shared three appetizers and one main course.  The octopus Galician style and the mussels in a Seaman’s sauce (I’m serious – check out the picture! hahaha) came out for our starters.


The mussels was a huge portion especially since it was only an appetizer.  Ivan, Lee and I were sharing a bottle of red wine which turned out quite nice.

We chatted and had some laughs.


Our main course came out which was a Mix “El Faro” (small fish, Padron peppers and fried calamari) and grilled tuna steak.  The food was so very tasty.

Lee wanted to head back since he didn’t feel good and he was tired.

Ivan asked somebody at the restaurant if they could call a cab for us.  We weren’t sure if we’d find a taxi since it was so quiet in the port.  The taxi came really fast and we left at 12:20 am.

Louise and Lee went to bed soon after while Ivan and I used the internet for awhile in our cabin before going to bed.




Ivan, Lil Dave and I had to wake up early at 11:40 am on May 25, 2013.  We packed up really fast before leaving the great Airbnb apartment. 

We walked outside of Dalt Vila Castle to look for a taxicab.  We got lucky and found one shortly in the street. 

The driver took us to the airport which is only a 10 minute ride away.

The plane arrived late, so Ivan and I played our Candy Crush Saga game on our phones.  There was a beautiful view from the airport of the sea.


We walked to the runway to the small Iberia plane.  Ivan and I noticed that we could see the men putting on the luggage onto the plane. 

Our plane left at 2:25 pm.  We arrived at 3:05 pm in Mallorca, Spain. 

We got a taxi to Puerto Portals which is located in Palma de Mallorca. It’s a beautiful place with lots of pretty big boats and yachts.  Ivan and I wanted to grab a bite to eat before meeting Lee and Louise. 

Ivan checked out the restaurants Flanigan and Wellie’s.  He thought Wellie’s looked too English and decided that we should go to Flanigan instead.  Lil Dave got a few banana tapas..  Ivan and I shared a few tapas: fried eggs with fried squids on top, squid croquettes and anchovies and tomatoes on bread.  We also pre-ordered the apple pie which takes 30 minutes to cook.  It looks like it’s one of their specialties.  Ivan thinks this because it’s the only dessert listed on the menu.  It better be good for 11 Euros! 


I’m not really sure why the menu said that the use of mobile phones compromises the preparation of the apple pie.  I thought maybe they were using a special oven that is interrupted by cell phone signals.  But, I thought more about it and thought it was just to stop annoying people from having loud conversations that nobody wants to listen to.


The food was so tasty.  The apple pie came and It looked more like a crepe than a pie. 


It was simply delicious.

At 5 pm, we walked along the port to find Lee’s boat.  A few months ago, Ivan’s friend Lee invited us to stay on his big boat for a few nights.  Louise waved to us when we were near the Lee’s boat which is named Encore. 



Lee’s big boat is beautiful.  It has 3 bedrooms and a BBQ on the sun deck.  It looks brand new!  Lee really keeps the boat super clean.  Lee showed us around the boat and our room. 

Ivan thought it was a yacht, but apparently it’s a big boat.  I’m not sure what the definition of a yacht is.  But, according to The Free Dictionary website, a yacht is “Any of various relatively small sailing or motor-driven vessels, generally with smart graceful lines, used for pleasure cruises or racing.”  It sure sounds like it would be a yacht. 

It’s so surreal to be staying on this cool big boat or yacht… just so freaking cool really. 

Lee and Louise served up champagne with raspberries and we made a toast.  The champagne tasted lovely while sitting on the top deck of the boat.  It was great to catch up with Lee and Louise.  Louise is Lee’s ex-girlfriend.  She’s such a sweetheart and very pretty.

Ivan was talking about Magaluf which is a tourist area on the island of Mallorca.  It’s a place that’s well known for young British kids to go party.  It has gained the nickname Shagaluf – I’m sure you can figure out why.  I’m was definitely curious to see it since the closest I’ve seen would be West End in San Antonio, Ibiza. 

Lil Dave made friends with a little bear named Encore in our room.  The bear’s real name is Reggie, but Lee insists it’s Encore since it matches the boat name.  We even got towels with Encore stitched in them.  Cool!

We chilled out on the boat for awhile.  Ivan and I bought some pirate gear and even bought rum (since pirates LOVE rum!) for Lee. 


He loved the pirate gear which included a pirate’s hat, sword, telescope, earring, eye patch and a bag with rum inside.  Ivan and Lee are alike in many ways since they’re both really immature and love to play jokes.  I found out later that people called them the Terrible Twins on their African Oasis trip a few years ago which is very fitting.  I was thinking Double Trouble.. but the Terrible Twins has a ring to it.  The fake clip-on earring made Lee look gay… so it’s probably not best to wear that out unless he wants some unwanted attention from gay guys. 

Everybody got ready to head out to Magaluf.  Ivan, Lee, Louise and I left in a taxi around 11:15 pm.  We dropped off Lil Dave and Reggie to the monkey area in Magaluf.  I hope Reggie keeps an eye on Lil Dave. 

Lee and Louise said it was a lot busier in Magaluf last weekend.  We got drinks at Stereo.  in Stereo, you buy one drink which gives you a free drink, a WKD drink and a shot.  The drinks were very watered down – no wonder it was so cheap! 

The WKD drink was a nice Smurf blue color. 


If you want to know what the color blue tastes like, drink a WKD.

I saw a few hen parties (bachelorette parties) getting drinks at the bar and groups of British guys having fun. 

We headed up the street and it reminded me of a carnival since I saw a carnival ride up ahead. 


It kind of looks like a poor man’s Vegas with the neon lights everywhere on the bars.. 

We ended up at Alex’s Bar which had go-go dancers.  I’m not sure how they dance outside in those skimpy outfits – it was so chilly out. 

There was a boxing match on against a British guy vs. a Finnish guy.  I think that’s why it was so quiet in Magaluf. 

I really liked the décor in the bar area.  It was very colorful and unique. 


One British guy kept patting me on my head because he thought I was cute.  I do seem to attract attention since I’m super short (not even 5 feet tall!) and Asian.  There are not many Asian tourists in Spain. 

Ivan, Louise and I were hungry since we only had some chips earlier for a snack.  Lee wasn’t hungry for some reason.  Lee went to go visit his friends at the bar while we went to KFC for some grub.  Ivan and I each got a chicken wrap.  We definitely needed that.

A few minutes later, we got a taxi cab to Puerto Portales.  Lee went to go change.  He changes more than any girl I know.  Wow, it’s like he’s changing outfits for the Miss America pageant.  Lee said the bar we’re going to, everybody dresses up. 

We walked to Ritzi Bar Lounge.  Louise was right that it was pretentious in there.  Most people were dressed like they were headed to the nightclub.  The music was decent dance music. 

Ivan wanted to head back to the boat to get changed since he felt way underdressed.  He put on a nice dress shirt and I changed into a black v-neck.  Ivan thought my white t-shirt was too bright.  I wasn’t too bothered about what people thought about my outfit. 

We chatted, danced and had more drinks.  The DJ was drunk or something… he played the new Daft Punk song three times.  That’s not right!!  He did play most of REM’s song Losing My Religion.  I was happy since I remembered all the words (How does our brain keep all our favorite song lyrics?) and it reminded me of high school. 

Louise and I wanted to head back to the boat.  We all walked back to the boat at 4 am.  We had a great day, but now it was time to get some sleep.  Ivan and I watched a cheesy episode of The Wright Way before heading to sleep.


Beach Trance

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at Mar A Vila again on May 24, 2013.  Lil Dave got the chef to make a variety of banana pintxos like bananas and goat cheese and bananas empanada.  Ivan and I got goat cheese with vegetables, a tuna stuffed pepper, empanada with cheese and mussels and a new one a ravioli with octopus and tomato.  It was tasty food again.. this time enjoyed with a nice light beer.

We walked down to the beach in the Figueretas area.  It was such a lovey day out.  It’s always nice to have the sun shining with a lovely blue sky.


We walked along the Figueretas Beach until it ended and then walked to Fusion to get a drink.  Ivan and I each got a mojito.  Lil Dave opted for a banana smoothie.  This restaurant is a great place to people watch.  Ivan and I chilled out for awhile while enjoying the tasty mojitos.  I wrote a message on the funny postcards that I bought yesterday. 

Stopped at an art gallery called Mad Dog Gallery.  The art work was really cool inside.  My favorite was definitely the Pink Panther with boobs.


Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked back to the apartment.  Ivan used the internet while I worked on the blog. 

Later that night, Ivan and I walked to Formentera Restaurant for dinner.  Lil Dave decided to go have a banana pizza at a nearby pizza joint.  Ivan and I shared the tasty Padron peppers and the seafood paella with calamari (also, comes with shrimp and mussels). 


This time we shared a jug of sangria which was sweet and tasted lovely.  It was another delicious meal here.  If you love paella, definitely check out this place.  Their paella is one of the best I’ve ever tasted in Spain.

It was time to walk up to the Dalt Vila Castle stage area at 10:30 pm.  It was a lot more crowded in Ibiza today since it was a Friday.  I had forgotten what day it was until Ivan mentioned it earlier.  The guy at the door recognized us, but he still asked for Ivan’s ID.  He said that there was no re-entry which was different than last night.  Also, they didn’t check IDs yesterday. 

Ivan guided us to the front of the stage.  Sven Väth was playing who is a trance DJ. 


I was dancing around and the deep trance music made me feel like a zombie.. kind of drunk and drowsy.  I know that’s the point of trance.. but it wasn’t the best trance music I’ve heard.  Ivan wasn’t into it, so we left around 11:15 pm.  We definitely prefer house music that’s more fun.  Trance can be good, but it’s better with some lyrics every now and then… otherwise, it’s a bit repetitive. 

Ivan wanted to walk around Dalt Vila before we headed back.  This area is simply beautiful. 


The white buildings, the colored doors and window coverings and the peeling walls are quite charming.  I’m going to miss walking around this beautiful part of Ibiza.

Back at the apartment, we used the internet.  Lil Dave was already sleeping.  It was time for bed at 5 am.  Hopefully, we’ll return to a normal sleeping schedule soon.


Tapas & House Music

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had a really late lunch on May 23, 2013 at Bar Restaurant Vara De Rey.  Ivan and I shared a few tapas: anchovies, Spanish omelet, potatoes with octopus and squid.


Lil Dave got a banana stuffed chicken.  It was tasty food once again.

We walked up to the stage in Dalt Vila Castle where Fatboy Slim and other DJs will be playing later tonight.  It was already busy since the website said that people should arrive by 6:30 pm.  Ivan figured it was a mistake and found out that you could arrive later.  Ivan was surprised to see so many people in shorts.  Sure, it’s warm during the day.. but the nights get chilly.

We chilled out in the room for awhile.  Lil Dave decided to head out into Ibiza Town while we went to hear some great house music. 

At 8:40 pm, we walked up to the stage to see Idris Elba.  He’s an actor who’s known for being in the tv shows The Wire and Luther.  His DJ name is Driis.   Ivan and I were curious to see what kind of music he would play. 


He was good, but not amazing.  He’s getting popular as a DJ, but I think he needs to practice more.  He messed up and stopped the music altogether twice.  He apologized the second time saying that I’m gonna tell you the truth…I played the wrong f’ing song.  At least he admitted his mistake.. he’s only human.  He did have a weird sudden music change which I thought didn’t really make sense.. also, a build-up that wasn’t exactly perfect.. think he put in a beat in too fast.  I also think he has too many build-ups.. where the music escalates up and goes nuts.  I’m not sure of the actual name.. but that’s what I call it.  His music was funky music with some deep house.  Ivan said his music reminded him of house music played during the 1990’s.  I think in a year or so, he’s going to be wonderful.  I loved that he was dancing around and really into the music.  You can tell he’s enjoying being a DJ.  I’m sure it’s an amazing feeling making people dance and getting that lovey energy from the crowd.

There was a massive queue (line) for the port-a-potties.  We just walked outside of the stage area and walked to a bar nearby.  Ivan and I each got a glass of red wine and used the loo (toilet).  It was quick and easy unlike the long port-a-potty line.

We went back to the stage to see Pete Tong.  He played great funky house music.  Ivan and I love dancing to good house music.  You seem to lose yourself in the music.  I’m happy there was room to dance in the front.  It’s great to feel the music up close and see the DJ as well.

Ivan and I walked back to the bar to use the toilet again.  We shared a red wine before heading back.

Pete Tong was finishing up his set.  I was getting excited that Fatboy Slim was going to come on.  He’s definitely our favorite DJ.  He’s just so fun.  As usual, Fatboy Slim had awesome visuals with funny pictures of him like a big yellow smiley face.  There was even smiley faces projected onto the castle. 


We danced non-stop for an hour to Fatboy Slim.  He seems to throw in cool songs that he loves.  The vocals are always fun.  I love his funky style.  If you want to dance to awesome house music.. you have to see Fatboy Slim.

We had a wonderful time dancing for almost 3 hours.  I love dancing.  It makes me so happy.

We left early so we could avoid the crowd.  Ivan always thinks ahead.  He’s so smart.

We went to eat at Tentazione right near the stage area.  Ivan and I shared cod ravioli and tuna and onion pizza. 


The meal was delicious. 

Ivan and I wanted to see if we could get in to Fatboy Slim’s other show at Cipriani Downtown Ibiza right next to Ibiza Gran Hotel.  We couldn’t find a taxi that would take passengers on the street.  There was a long queue for the taxi rank and ALL taxis went there.  I guess it’s the law that the taxis are only allowed to pick-up passengers in a taxi rank.  We walked to the Gran Hotel which was only a 10 minute walk.

We went to Cipriani Downtown Ibiza and Ivan found out that it was 40 Euros per person for the entrance fee.  I thought was a bit steep.  I wasn’t chuffed if we didn’t see him since we just saw him perform a wonderful set.  Ivan and I saw the restaurant and it looked really small.  It would get crowded very quickly.  Ivan told me later that Fatboy Slim was supposed to perform at the new club Bomba that is close by which hasn’t even opened yet.  Since that didn’t happen, the owner of Bomba who also owns Cipriani Downtown Ibiza moved the event to the restaurant.  Ivan told me earlier that a lot of people from the International Music Summit would be at Pacha instead.  He was right since when we left in a cab later.. there was big crowd outside Pacha. 

We were back at the apartment and yet again.. we had jetlag and couldn’t sleep until 6 am.


Sunny Ibiza

On May 22, 2013, Ivan and I woke up really late at 3:30 pm.  Lil Dave was awake already.  It seems his jetlag is slowly disappearing compared to ours.  Lucky monkey!

We all used the internet before heading out at 5 pm.  I’m glad that the weather was once again sunny.  Ivan found a place that has good pintxos, so we walked to Mar A Vila


Ivan picked a good variety of pintxos like tuna stuffed pepper, Spanish omelet and empanada with cheese and vegetables.  Some were tastier than others.  Our favorite was the goat cheese on top of a vegetable.  The food was good, but we prefer the pintxos in San Sebastian, Spain. 

We walked to Ibiza Gran Hotel along the waterfront.


Ivan went to find out if there was more tickets for the Fatboy Slim & Pete Tong dinner which is one of the events at the Ibiza International Music Summit.  Unfortunately, it was already sold out.  We walked around the hotel and outside where the pool is located. 


It’s a pretty hotel that’s modern and cool. 

We went in search of the restaurant where Fatboy Slim would be playing late tomorrow night.  It’s a small place since it’s inside a restaurant. 

We started walking back to Old Town.  I saw Ikea and wanted to stop in – I’ve never been inside one. 


Inside, the store was filled as much as possible with furniture and home décor.  It was so small which disappointed me.  But, we did find some cool things that we might get later for our loft.  I’ll have to go to a huge store sometime in California.

We walked back to Old Town and walked around.  Ivan and I had a Solero popsicle which is quite tasty on a warm day.  Ivan bought me two funny t-shirts at Atlantis.  I love finding cool t-shirts while we’re traveling. 

Ivan wanted to stop and chill by the water with a drink.  Lil Dave got a banana juice while Ivan and I each had a white wine.  Lil Dave was excited when the waiter put his juice in a wine glass. 


The funny part was when Lil Dave acted like he was drunk after drinking his juice.  I kept telling him that it was JUST banana juice.  But, he insisted that the waiter put in wine since he thought he was a cute monkey.  What a silly monkey!

We headed back to the apartment to chill for awhile.

Later that night at 10 pm, we walked to Formentera Restaurant.  Ivan read that this place is known for their paella.  Ivan and I shared Padron peppers, mushrooms with garlic and parsley and a seafood paella. 


Our Spanish meal was lovely with a glass of red wine.  The food was delicious.  The paella was amazing.  Ivan says the paellas we make at home pale in comparison.  I said Of course it does.. we’re in Spain!

We walked around after dinner.  Ivan was hoping to get a frozen yogurt, but it was already closed. 

We got back to the apartment and used the internet since we were once again jetlagged.  Lil Dave was snoring away.  Bedtime was really late again at 6 am.

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