Chilly Shopping

I woke up on at 2 pm on May 21, 2013 to find Ivan and Lil Dave already awake.  It was lucky that we slept through all the heavy rain.  Gerard said last night that it was odd for rainy weather to occur during May in Ibiza.  It was still overcast outside though.

Ivan and I used the internet before we headed out at 3 pm.  Lil Dave decided to go explore Old Town by himself.  I think he wanted to try to see if he could find any cool monkeys to hang out with.

We went to Bar Restaurant Vara de Rey for lunch.  Ivan picked out a few tapas at the counter. 


Ivan and I shared anchovies, bacalao (cod), squid and a Spanish omelet.  Lil Dave got a banana omelet.

It was a chilly day in Ibiza.  Ivan and I forgot to bring jackets, so we decided to go shopping.  I needed to find a summer dress or a swimsuit cover-up anyway.  We spent hours shopping at many stores like Jack Jones, Inside, Zara and United Colors of Benetton. 


Ivan bought socks, boxers and a sweater at Jack Jones.  I found a cute white cover-up and a dark blue summer dress at Inside.

Later on, I found a pink jacket at La Sirena.  Ivan liked the jackets better here, so he decided to return his sweater at Jack Jones.  But, he remembered that he had a long sleeve shirt and that might do for now.  He doesn’t get as cold as I do probably since he grew up in England.

It was time to rest at the apartment after our long day of shopping.  I worked on the blog while Ivan used the internet. 

Ivan, Lil Dave and I went out to dinner at La Bodega which was a busy restaurant we saw earlier.  The restaurant has interesting and cool décor. 


Lil Dave got a banana stuffed pepper and a banana tagliatelle.  Ivan and I shared whitebait in vinegar, small Padron peppers, patatas bravas, cod fish la bodega, vegetable croquettes and Manchego cheese.    The meal was delicious!  The food came out really fast too. 


We walked back to the Dalt Vila Castle and to our apartment.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I used the internet for awhile.  Jetlag is such an annoyance.  I can’t wait until we’re back on a normal schedule.  Ivan and I went to bed at 6 am.


Off to Ibiza via London

I did sleep for many hours on our plane ride from San Diego to London… really not sure how long though. I kept waking up because my butt hurt. It’s hard to get comfortable in a seat on a plane. I woke up 2 1/2 hours before we were due to land on May 20, 2013. My eyes were really dry. I put my eye drops in and tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. I just rested with my eyes closed.  I was jealous because Ivan was happily sleeping next to me.

It was time for breakfast about an hour before we were about to land.  We got a muffin, yogurt, raisins and a little cookie.  It was strange that we didn’t get a spoon for the yogurt.  I’ve never had to drink my yogurt before. 


Ivan, Lil Dave and I arrived at 2:40 pm at London Heathrow.  I was feeling jetlagged and felt like a zombie.  I’m glad I didn’t have the sudden urge to start eating brains.

I was thinking positive thoughts since I had to deal with Immigration.  I usually get mean people at the Immigration counters.  I had Ivan’s green card and his driver’s license so I could prove that we were married.  He’s English and I’m American.. but we live in the USA.  I put on the landing card that I was in transit to Spain and I was going to be in London for only 5 hours.

I waited for about 15 minutes in line.  I went to the counter and it was a man.  I said Hello to be polite.  I saw him yawn and he smiled at me, so I smiled back.  He said you’ll only be in London for 6 hours.  I said 5 hours.. I’m flying to Ibiza.  He said that’s fine.  He stamped it and I was on my way.  I don’t know how I got so lucky.  Usually they ask for a flight ticket which I did have handy in case.  I think it was because he was tired or he just wanted get through the rest of the Non EU passengers… or maybe he had to use the loo and he just wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible.

Ivan was waiting for me at baggage claim since the EU line is always a lot faster. 

We grabbed our luggage and then exited the baggage claim.  Since we were in Terminal 5, we tried to find out where the Sofitel Hotel was.  Ivan got a letter delivered there, so he wanted to pick it up.

Ivan picked up his letter and sat down in the lobby.  I started working on the blog since there was free internet for 24 hours in the lobby.  Ivan called the car service to see if they could pick us up earlier. 

We waited for 20 minutes and were off in the car to London Luton Airport in North London. 

It was my first time at this airport and it wasn’t anything special since it seemed to have an industrial feel to it.

Ivan and I each had a healthy salad from M&S for lunch.  Lil Dave had a banana stir fry. 

I didn’t really think about what shirt I was wearing yesterday morning in San Diego.  I noticed that it was really bright and said Boobies on it. 


It made me look like really American which I am.. just made me stand out a lot.  Plus, my blue and aqua highlights are pretty noticeable too. 

We tried to check in, but we were too early.  So, we had to wait an hour.  We checked in at 6 pm.

Unfortunately, London Luton Airport doesn’t have free wi-fi.  I’m glad I had my phone so I could play my Candy Crush Saga game.  Ivan bought some Boing internet and we used that while waiting in the lounge.  The flight gate doesn’t come up on the screen until an hour before your flight, so you have to wait in the lounge. 

Our Easyjet plane left London headed to Ibiza at 8:55 pm.  Ivan and I were so tired that we don’t remember taking off at all.  It was nice to get a good long nap.  We both needed it.  Most of the plane was filled with young Brits who are planning on working in Ibiza for the summer.  We arrived in Ibiza at 12:50 am.  A lot of people on the plane cheered when the plane hit the ground.  Not many people actually cheer when landing.. except sometimes when headed to Las Vegas or when that stupid horse finishing line music plays on Ryanair.

Ivan and I grabbed our luggage and headed out.  Gerard was waiting for us.  Ivan booked an apartment through Airbnb in Dalt Vila which is a castle in Ibiza.  Gerard stays at the apartment and takes care of the Airbnb guests.  He told us that the apartment is new and has a kitchen and a terrace. 

Gerard helped me with my luggage while we were walking up the stairs headed to the apartment.  He showed us our bedroom and around the apartment.  It has a nice terrace overlooking Dalt Vila.  The apartment is very clean and lovely.  It’s fairly new on Airbnb.  Ivan thinks once it gets more reviews, it will be a popular place with the great location and how lovely it is.

Ivan and I were really hungry.  Thank goodness we were in Ibiza.. since we figured we could find something open late.  We walked outside of Dalt Vila to Old Town to find a restaurant.  We found one, but Ivan thought we’d try another for more options.  He ran around and came back.  He only found one other restaurant and it was expensive.  I also noticed a pizza place open. 

We sat down at Il Gatto e la Volpe.  Ivan and I ordered fried octopus, Spanish omelet, artichokes in oil and bruschetta. 


We enjoyed our meal with a glass of red wine.  Lil Dave got a banana pizza.  The food was tasty especially the bruschetta. 

It was time to head back to the apartment in Dalt Vila. 


Dalt Vila is so pretty.  I’m glad Ivan picked this place to get over our jetlag and relax in Ibiza.

We used the internet for awhile.  So much for our plan.. Ivan, Lil Dave and I were still jetlagged.  Ivan and I watched an episode of the funny tv show Not Going Out before going to sleep at 5 am.


Leaving San Diego

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were in California for a wedding in Temecula and then we spent a day and a half in San Diego since we were flying out today May 19, 2013. 

Ivan and I dropped the car off at Thrifty Car Rental and got their free shuttle to the San Diego International Airport.  We arrived at the airport at 6 pm.  Check-in and Security were relatively fast.


We used their free wi-fi before our flight.  I think all major airports should have free wi-fi!  It just makes the time go by so much faster.  It’s definitely not much fun waiting for your flight.

Our flight left San Diego at 8:05 pm headed to London Heathrow.  Ivan and I got sun dried tomato pasta for dinner which came with a tasty Eli’s strawberry cheesecake for dessert.  Lil Dave didn’t get anything since he didn’t get his own seat (It cost way too many bananas for him!).. so, he just munched on a few bananas.  Ivan and I both watched The Guilt Trip movie with Seth Rogan.  It was alright – thought it would have been funnier. 

Our plan was to get as much sleep as possible since it was a night flight.  I’m glad that British Airways gives out blankets because it was cold and I was wearing shorts.  Probably best not to wear shorts on a flight if you get cold easily.  It was time for us to sleep, so hopefully we wouldn’t get jetlag the next few days.

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