Pompeii Legends

On June 4, 2013, Ivan, Lil Dave and I got off the Norwegian Epic boat at 10 am in Naples, Italy.  The weather was overcast and wasn’t very nice.

We got a taxi to the train station.  Ivan didn’t realize that we got on the wrong train.  A lady who worked at the station said it was the right one.  Oh well.  We had to get off and wait for another train headed the right way.

We wanted to go to Sorrento to meet up with Ivan’s parents, but Ivan thought we should just head to Pompeii for lunch and possibly a tour of the ruins.

Lil Dave wanted to go climb around the ruins, so we set up a time to meet him later on.

Ivan was really hungry, so we went in search of a restaurant for lunch.  Ivan and I thought Pizza e Pasta looked good and it was perfect since that’s what we wanted!

Ivan eating healthy

Ivan and I got stuff from the pasta bar which was artichoke, aubergine, sundried tomatoes and fresh bufala mozzarella.  We also got a delicious Pizza Marinaio, which came with shrimp, mozzarella, lemon and rocket.  We also shared a Penne alla Siciliane which is a pasta with mozzarella, aubergine, Parmesan and basil.

We decided not to take a tour of Pompeii since we did a great tour the last time we were here.  Ivan and I walked around and bought a bunch of souvenirs.

Limonchello & melonchello souvenir bottles

We got a train to Naples and walked back to the Norwegian Epic cruise ship which was a mile away.

At 5 pm, we were back on the boat where we rested for awhile.

Ivan and I went to Denise and Ken’s room to talk about our day.  Neal and D joined us a few minutes later and told us about their day in Capri.

Later, Ivan, Neal, D and I went to see Legends in Concert.  The impersonator show featured Tom Jones, Adele and Tina Turner.  Tom Jones looked just like the real Tom Jones.  I’m not the biggest fan of Tom Jones, but he was good.  I really enjoyed Adele and Tina Turner.  Adele sang beautifully.  She did struggle with the high notes of the song Someone Like You.  I can definitely sing it better – I’ve sung it before in my singing class.  Tina Turner was really good and danced around a lot.

Ivan, Neal, D and I headed to the buffet to eat.  At the front of the buffet, a lady named Joannaline was telling us to ‘washy washy’ with the hand sanitizer.  Ivan said no and made a joke spitting in his hands.  Obviously, he didn’t spit in his heads.  But, Joannaline Marquez thought he did.

Ivan and I were trying to find food to eat.  An Indian maitr’d came over named Tanberg D’Souza saying that we must wash our hands since it’s mandatory.  Ivan and I both told him it’s not mandatory, it’s optional.  He said Ivan spit in his hands though.  He said he didn’t and it was a joke.  Tanberg asked for Ivan’s room number and he wouldn’t give it to him.  He said he was going to write him up.  I was trying to see his name tag, but was trying to hide it from me.  I said I want to know your name.  He told me he would give me his card.  Tanberg went on the phone to call somebody else.  He kept asking Ivan for his room number and he told him 12345.

Two security officers came over to our table.  A lady asked for Ivan’s room number since he supposedly spit in his hands.  He made up a number and gave it to them.  It was 12345.  Somehow, they believed it.  Neal left the table since he was embarrassed.  D remained at the table.

Another security officer named Terry Gattis came over and said to Ivan You were spitting in your hands.  Ivan told him it was a joke.  Terry asked Do you think that’s funny?  I said yes, but probably shouldn’t have.  D said it was a big misunderstanding…but, not to serious Terry.  He asked for Ivan’s room number and he said I gave it to you.  Ivan also said that he’s trying to eat.  Terry said you’re done eating and took his plate.  He told Ivan to come with them.  I thought it was hilarious and said Yah, you should put him in handcuffs too.  We got dirty looks from everybody around us.  I didn’t care.  D and I made funny waving movements with our arms to people showing that we didn’t care.

D and I ate and I figured it would all be alright in the end since it wasn’t that big a deal.

D came back and said she talked to Jill the cruise director.  She told her that my friend needs to talk to you because her husband was taken to the prison.  She said It’s not me you deal with.. she has to talk to the head Security guy.  She didn’t even give a name to D.  She’s not much help.

They took Ivan down to the security office and made him give them his room number. Ivan found it cool that he got to see the inside of a cell on a cruise ship, because usually these are out of bounds on behind the scene cruise ship tours.

Lil Dave had a fun day with a group of monkeys he met in Sorrento. He had fun with them on the cruise ship as well.

Ivan and I used the internet in the room before going to sleep.

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