Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up early on June 6, 2013.  We left the hotel at 9 am and then walked to the train station.

The train left at 9:25 am headed to Florence.  The train was 11 minutes late and arrived at 11:02 am.

We stored our luggage in the storage at the train station.

We walked around the market since we had time to spare before Ivan’s family and D showed up.  The stalls were selling leather belts, journals, Italian masks, and souvenirs.

Ivan’s family and D were on a tour that Ivan booked.  They didn’t like their tour guide since he kept making up stories and he was crazy.  I bet he was actually pretty interesting.  I’m sure it’s better than a boring monotone tour guide who makes you want to fall asleep.

Ivan checked out a few of the restaurants to find something good.  Our group ended up at Trattoria pizzeria da i matti.  It was really pretty inside.

Inside Trattoria pizzeria da i matti

Ivan and I shared a tuna and onion pizza and a spicy penne arrabiata.  The food was tasty.

Neal and D wanted to head back to the cruise ship.  We walked around the markets with Denise and Ken.

Florence & religious souvenirs

Ivan and I bought some souvenirs.

We checked out the church Santa Maria del Fiore which is free to enter.  It wasn’t that big inside.

Apse artwork

Ivan and I had gelato at Grom.  Ivan’s parents went back to their tour.

Ivan wanted to go see the David statue replica at Piazzale Michelangelo to meet up with his parents.  I was feeling hot and sick since I had a sore throat.  I stayed in a park while Ivan went to find them and take pictures.  He said he would be back in 30 minutes.

I relaxed on the grass in the park.  I saw a few kids playing and lots of people relaxing in the park.

I walked around to take pictures of a cool bridge and then headed back to the park.

I was ducking under a chain to get on the sidewalk and I hurt my ankle when my right foot went down.  I screamed loudly since it really hurt.  One guy who was passing by said Are you ok?  I said I’m fine.  I was just trying to play it off.  So, I rushed off and started taking pictures of a statue.  It actually really, really hurt bad.  I was mad at this point since it was almost an hour and there was no sign of Ivan.

I walked around to find a place to buy water.  I came across CLET’s studio.  The guy who makes the funny things on street signs.

Heart sign by CLET

I guess he lives here in Florence.  I thought Ivan was going to come back soon so I didn’t bother going into a café to grab a water.

He came back a few minutes later.  Neal told Ivan via email later that they were going to see the replica of the David statue at a different square and not the Piazzale Michelangelo.  It was a long steep way up, so that’s why it took awhile.  Plus, Ivan was waiting for them and then he ran to the other square.  Ivan told me he saw Clet’s studio too.

Later, we checked in to Artevita Bed & Breakfast which is a lovely place.  Our room had a balcony with a beautiful view.

Ivan on the balcony

We were looking forward to having breakfast on the balcony tomorrow.

That night, we took a fun Pizza & Gelato making class.

Ready to make a pizza!

The main teacher was Davide and he was friendly.

The Pizza & Gelato making class

Davide showed us how to make gelato.  Everybody didn’t get to make their own gelato since there was only one machine. It was cool learning about it though.

The other teacher Julio wasn’t very nice. He got mad at me and Ivan since we were talking during his demonstration on how to roll out the dough and put the toppings on. He was like a school teacher. We got to roll out the dough and put the tomato sauce and our toppings like salami, basil and olive oil.  We had wine while we were making our pizzas.  We were told to customize our pizzas.

Davide put my pizza in the oven.  Later, I was waiting for my pizza.  I was asking Julio if he moved any of the pizzas since mine was in a certain spot.  He said yes.  I asked him if he could ask Davide about which one was mine.  Ivan told me later that I was being way too loud and everybody heard me.  Julio didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t sure which pizza was mine. Somebody said You should have customized it.  I put 3 salamis on it, but so did somebody else.  I asked him if he could ask Davide which pizza was mine since he was keeping track, but he didn’t seem to care and didn’t ask him.  Davide was talking to somebody.  I don’t like Julio since he ignored me.  Even if you don’t like somebody, you should treat everybody the same in your cooking class.  I think Davide should be the only teacher since he’s really friendly.

Ivan’s pizza turned out better than mine.  Mine was tasty with salami on it.

Salami Pizza by Jen

Davide retrieved the gelato from the machine.

Davide taking out the chocolate gelato

Soon after, we got to try the chocolate gelato which was delicious.  Everybody got a diploma and a recipe book at the end.

Ivan is proud for getting his diploma

It was a really fun class.

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