Off to Fez

On June 11, 2013, we all woke up at 8:30 am.  There was breakfast by Denise which was fruit, cheese and boiled eggs.

Ivan and I packed everything up.

We walked to the post office to mail off a lot of postcards.

Everybody piled into a taxi at 11:30 am.  There was some traffic, but it moved along quickly.

The taxi dropped us off at our terminal at noon.  Denise and Ken were off to their terminal to head back to England.

Ivan went to ask the Last Minute line if we could go in that line.  Ivan told me I needed to go to the Visa Check line.

I waited in the Visa Check line and it went by slowly since there was only one person working at the desk.

I joined Ivan in the Last Minute queue and checked our bags in.

Security was really lax since they didn’t see Ivan’s toiletries which contained liquid.

We rushed to get a tuna & Spanish omelet sandwich and went to our gate.

Our plane left Barcelona and started going towards Fez, Morocco.  I worked on the blog on the plane ride while Ivan read Lee Mack’s book Mack the Life and slept.

The plane above Morocco

The plane got really bumpy at the end.  I think the pilot had too many sangrias.

People clapped when the plane landed probably since they were scared from the bumpiness at the end of the two hour flight.

We got picked up at the airport from the transfer Ivan set up through the hotel.  I had no idea what our taxi driver was saying since he was speaking French.  Ivan took French in school, but he doesn’t remember that much. I barely know any French.

We were met by Bernard outside of the Medina.  Porters took our big luggage and went off.  Bernard led us through the streets of the Medina to Dar Melody.  We saw four newborn kitties before reaching the hotel. They were so cute. We didn’t see any sign of the mother.

He told us that his wife would explain everything to us.  Laurence showed us things on the map.  I paid attention, but knew I’d probably forget most of the things she told us.  I could tell that I would get lost in the medina and there’s no GPS maps of it.  Thank goodness, Ivan is good with maps.  I have no sense of direction.

The dining room of Dar Melody from above

Dar Melody is beautiful inside.  We were taken to our room which was also quite pretty.  The shower was gorgeous.

Lovely tiled shower

What a lovely place!  We got Moroccan cookies to eat in our room.

Lil Dave went to meet up with a family member’s cousin (no relation to Lil Dave) named Abu for a monkey dinner.  Ivan already had plans for our dinner.  We tried to find the restaurant, but nobody seemed to know where it was.  Lawrence advised us against paying people to lead you to a destination.  Ivan did pay somebody since we were really clueless as to where it actually was… it was only €3.

We walked inside the Restaurant Andalib, but it wasn’t open until 7:30 pm.  We walked across the street and had sweet Moroccan mint tea.

At 7:35 pm, we walked back to Restaurant Andalib.  A lady asked if we wanted to sit on the terrace and we said yes.  We didn’t know there was a terrace.

The view was beautiful on the terrace.

Moroccan sunset

The meal comes with free starters and bread.  Ivan and I shared the harrissa soup which comes with dates and almond pastries.  You eat the dates and almond pastries while eating the great soup.

On the terrace of Restaurant Andalib

Our main dishes were vegetarian cous cous and a chicken tangine.  The food was quite tasty with a refreshing French white wine.

We were really stuffed and walked back to the hotel and used the free internet.

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