Medina Market Tour

Breakfast was at 9 am on June 12, 2013.  It was American style breakfast today.  We got lots of bread and fruit.  Also, we enjoyed tea and scrambled eggs.

At 10 am, we were picked up by Najib.  He was going to be our guide for the Medina Market Tour.

It was a great tour through the winding narrow Medina streets of Fez.  We passed by lots of mosques and visited two tanneries (where they make leather and rugs).

Leather bags and cushions

We stopped at many stores where the owners were showing off their goods like cushions, leather goods, scarves and tablecloths.

Woman hand embroidering a tablecloth

I liked seeing the beautiful amariyas which the bride sits on and is carried to the wedding by four men.

White Amariya

Ivan was in search of fez from Fez.. but he didn’t know he’d find the first one in giant form!

A giant fez in Fez

When you go to see a tannerie, you’re given mint to cover the bad smell.  It really does help… I do love the smell of mint.

View from a tannery in Fez

We also got a great view of the city from the tanneries.  It’s cool to see all the stone vessels where the workers dye the leather in different dyes like saffron, henna and mint.  After the dying, the hides are placed on the roofs of the Medina to dry.

Stone vessels in the tannery

It was nice stopping at a school to see the children. A few of the kids were two years old.

Kids in their classroom in Fez

I took pictures of them and showed them their picture which they loved.

Najib showed us fez hats which were good quality costing 120 dirhams.  He said there were tourist ones for 20 dirhams which was definitely more reasonable.  Ivan was happy that he finally found a fez in Fez!

Our guide Najib with Ivan wearing his new fez

We stopped at Restaurant Nejjarine.  A lot of starters came out first which were different vegetable dishes.  Ivan got a vegetable and almond tangine while I got a chicken and lemon tagine.  We got fruit for dessert.  The food was good.  The Moroccans give you so much food when you visit a restaurant.  It’s really quite filling especially with the bread and rice.

We saw many cats during our tour.  Najib said it’s because there are mice in the medina.  There are lots of street cats who are very malnourished which is really sad.

Mosque in Fez

We walked around some more with our guide.  He asked if we wanted to take a taxi outside of the Medina.  We were too tired from walking around for five hours.

The tour was great since it’s very confusing navigating the streets of the Fez medina (old city).  We didn’t really understand our guide that much, but he certainly knew his way around and took us to some cool places.

We saw the newborn kitties again who were fast asleep in a box.

Four sleeping kitties in a box

Back at the hotel, we used the internet and I worked on the blog.  Ivan went out and got a chickpea sandwich which was quite tasty.

Lil Dave was back from hanging out with Abu and his friend Bart’s cousin named Muhammad.

We wanted to have dinner in the market, but we weren’t sure what everything was.  Not everybody spoke English, so it was hard to tell if the food had meat or not.

Ivan and I ended up at Restaurant Andalib which was the same restaurant as last night.

Terrace at Restaurant Andalib

Ivan and I shared harissa soup, seafood pastilla (which is a pie made out of filo dough) and vegetable cous cous.  It was a tasty meal again.

Seafood pastilla

We were the only ones in the restaurant again.

We walked around the shops since I didn’t have many clothes that were dark – my clothes were bright and made me stand out a bit.  All the women’s shirts were dressy.. I just wanted a t-shirt.  I bought a black England shirt which was actually for men, but it still looked good one me.

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