Ivan and I had the free breakfast in Dar Melody at 7:45 am on June 14, 2013.  We said thank you and good-bye to Laurence.

Bernard walked us to the taxi.  We shook hands and said thank you and good-bye.  If you ever come to Fez, you should stay at Dar Melody for the beautiful house and the friendly customer service.

The driver took us to the train station which was only a few minutes away.

Our train left at 8:50 am headed for Marrakesh – it’s a long 7 hour train ride.  Ivan booked us a first class ticket which was a room with a table by the big window and a door that closed.  It was filled with us, one monkey (Lil Dave, of course!) and three Australians.

My stomach and Ivan’s stomach felt weird which was probably from the food we’ve been eating.  I was really tired since we didn’t sleep that much last night.  Ivan went to go sleep in another carriage, so he could stretch out.  I really wanted to sleep, but I knew I probably wouldn’t wake up – so I got to work writing the blog since I was so behind.  Lil Dave slept next to me in Ivan’s seat.

Every now and then a loud French announcement boomed over the speakers.  When the train went into a tunnel, the small strobe light above us was the only light on.

Ivan came back later and we watched part of a movie.  We ate cheese sandwiches that Ivan bought on the train.  Lil Dave had a banana and honey sandwich.

We passed the time by taking a long much needed sleep.  The train arrived in Marrakesh at 4 pm.

We got a taxi to Jemaa el-Fna square.  It’s a huge square which comes alive at night with many market stalls and restaurants.  Ivan and I went in search of Café de France.  Ivan had directions from our riad (traditional Moroccan house or palace).  Ivan found a porter and he placed our luggage into his cart.

The porter led us to Riad Villa El Arsa which is another lovely Moroccan house.  We had to fill out forms with our address, profession and email address.  Ivan and I aren’t really sure why they need this information.  The riad had a nice sized bath right on the main floor in the courtyard.  I’m sure that’s useful when coming back to the riad when it’s really hot out.

Our room was pretty and had a small Moroccan bathtub in it.

Ivan in the small bathtub

Ivan took a bath while I used the internet.  I had a bath right after.

Dinner was at Un Déjeuner à Marrakech.  Ivan and I shared a carrot soup, fish fillet, salmon salad and a dried tomato & mozzarella tart with a lemon sorbet with basil coulis.

Dried tomato & mozzarella tart

The food was delicious.

We walked around the big Jemaa el-Fna square.

Jemaa el-Fna square

There’s lots to see at the market like beautiful Moroccan lamps for sale, orange juice stands, stalls selling dates, nuts and dried fruits, ladies doing henna and snake charmers.

Boxing match at Jemaa el-Fna

You’ll see entertainment happening.. we came across a boxing match between two kids.  Lil Dave didn’t understand the guys holding the Baraby apes who were trying to get tourists to pay money to pose with the ape.  The apes clearly don’t know what is going on.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I were still tired so we headed back to the riad.  Our stomachs felt funny, but we soon fell asleep.

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