Quad Bar

On June 16, 2013, Ivan and I packed everything up and moved rooms in Riad Villa de Arsa.  We had the free breakfast on the terrace.

Lil Dave went to roam around the medina.  He was going to meet up with Reggie and take a cooking class on monkey Moroccan cuisine.

Ivan felt a lot better.  He got lucky that his sickness only lasted a day.  Ivan and I walked around the Jemaa el-Fna square.  We went to Taj’in Darna Café and Restaurant for lunch.  We had a boring lunch of a tuna sandwich and a fruit salad.

Pretty Moroccan glass cups

Ivan and I checked out the shops since we had time to spare.

Perfect coned spices

Ivan and I walked to a parking lot since we were waiting to get picked up for a trip.  We got picked up by an SUV and picked up two girls nearby.  The driver drove us to a street and got out.  He was waiting for two more people.  A French couple went into the backseat and we were off.

It was time to go on The Rock Desert & Palmgrove of Marrakech half day trip run by Dunes & Desert Exploration.  We tried on our helmets and were given goggles.

I sat on the quad bike with Ivan driving.  He said I could drive my own if I wanted.  I tried driving the quad bike, but I think I was too slow.  It hurt to keep my finger pressed on the acceleration button.

The group started following our guide.  We saw a lot of rock desert and wild palm groves.

At first, the guide was going slow.  Ivan said How come we’re going so slow?  He thought it was like we were out for a Sunday afternoon ride.  Lil Dave wanted to drive, but Ivan told him not to be such a silly monkey.

The guide actually listened and we started going faster.  The scenery wasn’t amazing, but it was fun being on the quad bikes.  It was really hot out though.

The other group caught up with our group which only confirmed that we were going too slow.

Ivan on the mountain

The two groups went on top of a mountain for a nice view of the desert.

Me with my helmet hair

I’m glad we stopped a few times for a water break.

The group started driving more in the desert.

Berber village

Everybody stopped at a Berber village.  It was time for tasty mint tea and honey crepes.

Time for mint tea & crepes in the shade

I’m glad we got a chance to relax for awhile in the cool shade.

It was time to head back.  A guy was using a spray gun to knock dust off people.

Ivan getting sprayed

Ivan and I both got it done.  It was a fun day on the half day tour riding in the desert on quad bikes.

That night, we walked to the Jemaa el-Fna square for dinner.  Ivan read that #1 and #14 stalls were best restaurant stalls.  Ivan thought we should check out #1 tonight.

Chez Aicha is the #1 stall which has been visited by Jamie Oliver.

Eating dinner among the locals

Ivan and I shared fried eggplant, vegetable tajine, sardines, sole and fried calamari.  The food was good.

We walked around the market and came across a row of tea vendors selling cardamon tea and a spiced cake.  The cake tasted good with the tea.

Having cardamon tea

The cardamon tea was really spicy and delicious.

Ivan found a nice bar online that he thought we should visit.  We walked to Kosy Bar.  Ivan and I shared a bottle of rosé‎ and talked about traveling and life amongst all the other tourists.

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