Relaxing Belly

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had the free breakfast on the pretty terrace on June 18, 2013.  It’s great that you can see the square from the terrace. The square was quiet this early in the morning.  Our breakfast consisted of crepes, bread, orange juice and tea.  Lil Dave brought his own bananas to put on bread.

Lil Dave went to go souvenir shopping for his dad with Reggie the monkey.

Ivan and I went to Yamy for lunch later where we had a tuna panini with fries.

It was another relaxing day for Ivan and me.  Ivan and I both used the internet.  I was still catching up on the blog.  I’m glad that the riad had fast internet.  Traveling can be tiring – a day where you don’t do much is much needed sometimes.

We headed up to the terrace right before sunset.

Ivan and me on the terrace of Riad Andalla at sunset

We ate the tasty medjool dates Ivan bought in the square.

Took a taxi to Azar at 9:30 pm.  Azar is a Lebanese restaurant.  People were doing shisha in the front part of the restaurant.

Ivan and I shared artichoke salad, eggplant dip, halloumi cheese, small squid for our starters.  Modern belly dancers came out to dance around the restaurant.  I was surprised that they were pretty.

Belly dancing at Azar

Most belly dancers are fat and old.  The Muslim guys were loving it.

Monkfish tajine at Azar

Our monkfish tajine was our main dish.  We watched the belly dancing while we ate our lovely tajine.

Dessert was up next.

Chocolate fondant for dessert

Ivan and I shared a wonderful chocolate fondant that came with ice cream and peanuts.  It was a scrumptious meal at a beautiful restaurant.

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