I woke up at 11 am on Jun 28, 2013.  Ivan was already using the internet.  We packed everything up.  I brought the luggage down while Ivan went to grab lunch at Tesco Express.

We left the hotel and headed for the car park.  Ivan started driving us to Wales at 12:20 pm. 


It was another overcast, gloomy day in Liverpool.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I ate our lunch in the car.

Lil Dave read his book Monkey Flies the World while I worked on the blog.

Our car went into a tunnel and we were underwater for a few minutes.  Very cool.  It started raining when we reached Wales. 

Ivan called his Uncle Alan to let him know that we were about 45 minutes away from his place.  He lives on a farm in Anglesey with his wife Carol. 

Ivan met Uncle Alan and we followed him to his house since it’s not listed on the GPS.

Alan came to our car to say hello.  Ivan’s highlight of visiting Uncle Alan & Aunt Carol’s farm was riding on the tractor.  He thought the field was huge as a kid, but now it seemed really small.  It was still a decent size, but as a kid things seem so much bigger than they actually are.. probably since we’re much smaller.

We went inside the house and sat in the living room with Uncle Alan and Aunt Carol.  Uncle Alan has a strong scouse (Liverpool) accent.  Aunt Carol has an accent, but not the same kind of Liverpool accent.  I do realize now that Ivan’s dad Ken does still have a bit of his Liverpool accent still.

Aunt Carol made us tea and brought out a plate of lemon cake and carrot cake.  The cakes tasted lovely with the tea.  We talked about Las Vegas, travelling and the farm. 

Uncle Alan and Aunt Carol have the two cutest white golden retrievers. 

Cute white Golden Retrievers

Ivan asked if we could play with them in the back garden.  Aunt Carol said it was fine, but they’ll jump on you.  That’s fine.  One of the dogs kept jumping on me.  I just made sure she didn’t knock me down.  The dogs looked similar except one had more golden hair and a kinder face.  The dogs went mental when we came to play with them.  But, their excitement died down quickly and then they were really calm and didn’t seem to want to play anymore.

Ivan playing with Elsa

Ivan kept throwing balls and toys at Elsa and she would grab it, but go inside with it.  Holly seemed hungry and didn’t want to play.  Both of the dogs are so very sweet and love being petted. 

Ivan and I went outside to check out the animals with Uncle Alan.  He showed us the chickens, ducks, cows, bulls, guinea fowls and two animals that looked like ostriches. 

Animals on the farm

We couldn’t see the pigs since it’s too muddy.  We even got a chance to see guinea fowl baby chicks.  So cute!

Guinea fowl baby chicks

Uncle Alan told us about Cemaes and Bull Bay.  Ivan’s Dad Ken said that his family would visit Bull Bay for their holiday.

Ivan told Uncle Alan and Aunt Carol that we would be back in an hour.  Ivan drove us to Cemaes and we walked around the sleepy little village which was really, really quiet. 

Me & Lil Dave at Cemaes Harbor

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked along Cemaes Harbor.

It was off to Bull Bay next.  Bull Bay was another cute little sleepy village.  Ivan and I needed the loo, but the public restroom was locked already. 

Ivan said we should go to the pub for a drink.  We went to the pub inside The Bull Bay Hotel.  We used the toilet and then we drank our whiskey. 

Ivan drove us back to Uncle Alan & Aunt Carol’s farm.  I changed my shirt since we were going to a nice restaurant soon.  It was the same restaurant that they took Ivan’s parents to when they visited last year. 

We followed Uncle Alan in our car to Tre-Ysgawen Hall Country House shortly before 7:30 pm.  Ivan thought about staying here, but it was expensive.  It’s a beautiful place,

Uncle Alan and Aunt Carol went inside Noelle’s Bar and we followed them.  It reminded me and Ivan of our friend Noelle in Las Vegas. 

One of the staff brought over drinks for Uncle Alan and Aunt Carol without them ordering since they’re regulars.  Ivan asked Aunt Carol what she got and she said a sherry.  Ivan ordered us two sherries.  The sherry was good, but probably not something I’d order often.

Aunt Carol told us that the hotel used to be run by a family.  It was taken over by a millionaire widow.  She bought it in memory of her late daughter who was named Noelle.  She says that the money raised from the hotel pays the staff and then the rest goes to charity.  Uncle Alan says she bought it just to have a place to stay.  It would be nice to be that rich. 

A waiter brought us menus.  It was a 5 course meal.  Uncle Alan said the portions weren’t that big.  For some reason, I knew we would probably be stuffed at the end of the meal.

A waitress let us know that our table was ready.  We went into Noelle’s Restaurant for dinner.

Noelle's Restaurant

Everybody got a green vegetable soup to start off with.  Next, Ivan and I shared a seared smoked salmon salad with asparagus and a poached egg and a fried mackerel fillet with a seared scallop.  Both appetizers were really tasty.

Our main courses came out next. 

Chicken on risotto

Ivan and I shared the spicy chicken with vegetable risotto and a pesto Panko crusted salmon.  Both dishes were good, but not amazing.

Our smiley waitress brought everybody a small shot glass filled with lovely strawberry sorbet. 

Dessert was up next.  Ivan and I got an almond panna cotta with chocolate ice cream and a lemon tart. 

Lemon tart for dessert

The lemon tart was delicious.  There was too much cream on top of the panna cotta, so it was pretty sweet.  I took out the cream and mixed the chocolate ice cream with the almond panna cotta and it tasted alright.

We went to The Library for tea and sweets. 

The Library

Ivan and I were so stuffed from dinner.  We still managed to have tea and share two macarons.  I don’t think I could ever say no to a macaron since they’re usually so yummy. 


We chatted for awhile in the beautiful library. 

Everybody went outside.  Ivan and I thanked Uncle Alan and Aunt Carol for dinner and we also said good-bye.  They told us that we could always come stay with them in their caravan which actually has heating in it.  It was the big caravan that we saw earlier today on the farm.  It was a lovely spending time with them chatting and having a great meal together.  It’s always nice to meet more of Ivan’s family.

Ivan drove us to Caernarfon which was 25 minutes away.  We checked in to Abel’s House Bed & Breakfast.  Our room has nice country décor.  We all used the internet for awhile before it was time for bed.

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