Small Castle Station

Ivan was up before me on June 29, 2013.  I woke up right before 10 am.  We had the free breakfast at Abel’s House in the basement.  It was lots of food: fried egg, vegetables, cereal, tea and strawberries.  I’m not really a breakfast person.  I don’t know how people eat so much food like a Full English Breakfast.  I think they eat a big breakfast, skip lunch and then have tea with scones & biscuits around 3 pm. 

We walked to Caernarfon Castle.  It was another overcast day.  This castle was spread out, but not that big.

Jen at Caernarfon Castle

I love exploring castles since you don’t know what you’ll find next. 

Entryway headed to...

I lost Ivan at one point, so I got explore on my own.. which allowed me to take lots of pictures. 

An alcove in the castle

Ivan checked out the museum while I was taking pictures. 

Stained glass in Caernarfon Castle

It’s cool to think that people actually lived here once.  What a great house to have. 

Caernarfon Castle

The investiture of The Prince of Wales, Princes Charles, took place at Caernarfon Castle on July 1, 1969. 

Ivan and I stopped by Palas for a strawberry & cream ice cream cone which was so lovely. 

A street in Caernarfon

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the car and Ivan drove us towards Conwy. 

Lil Dave went to go meet up with his hermit cousin Davoff in Conwy.  Davoff doesn’t really keep in touch with most of the monkey family since he likes to keep to himself.  Señor Dave managed to get a hold of him and let him know that Lil Dave would be in North Wales.  They were going to take a monkey tour and hang out in Caernarfon.

Ivan and I really wanted to try Welsh rarebit.  I thought it had meat in it, but it’s actually just cheese and toast and other ingredients. 

We found Pen-Y-Bryn Tea Rooms which served Welsh rarebit.  Ivan and I shared the Welsh rarebit and a  jacket potato with baked beans.  The Welsh rarebit was on brown bread.

Welsh rarebit

It was really quite tasty.  Ivan and I both don’t like yellow mustard.  But, Dijon mustard can be quite nice mixed with something good like cheese.  I was reading about Welsh rarebit and it seems dry mustard is used in most recipes.

We walked to the waterfront.  Aunt Carol told us about the smallest house in Britain and it was here. 

Ivan in front of The Smallest House in Great Britain

It was really tiny and consisted of two rooms with the bedroom being upstairs.

We walked to Conwy Castle which was a lot bigger than Caernarfon Castle. 

Ivan and the sitting man

It’s not as nice inside as I found the Caearnarfon Castle.  It’s still great to walk around though.

Jen at Conwy Castle

The King’s Room was really cool with a big wire King right above.

Wire King

It’s cool to go up to one of the towers and get a terrific view of Conwy. 

View from Conwy Castle

It was a shame about the gloomy weather.  We went up to the Chapel Tower and enjoyed the view of the castle and the town.

View of Conwy Castle from The Chapel Tower

Ivan and I hopped in the car headed to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll.  I fell asleep while Ivan was driving. 

We arrived at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch train station which is the longest train station name in the world.  This sign shows how it’s pronounced. 

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch train station sign

I tried to say it, but I don’t’ think I did a very good job of it.  Go here, if you howant to hear how it’s pronounced.  I hope I never have to repeat it 5 times fast for a contest.

We stopped by the train station’s shop.  Ivan and I bought a bottle of mead.  We headed back to the car.  Took a swig of the mead which was sweet.  We thought it would taste better served cold.

Ivan drove us back to Caernarfon where we relaxed in the b&b.

Later that night, we headed out to find a restaurant for dinner.  We didn’t know that most of the restaurants close at 9 pm.  Ivan found a chippy (fish & chips shop) that makes the best fish and chips in Wales.  We walked there, but it didn’t look very exciting.

We stopped at Tafarn & Porthole Wetherspoon’s for dinner.  Ivan and I each got a superfood whole wheat pesto pasta with chicken.  The pasta was good and it went well with the Toffee Apple cider.

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