Elegant Marriage

On July 12, 2013, Ivan woke up at 8 am and watched the Morning Show.  I heard the show, but went back to bed.  Ivan went back to bed after the show.

It was a Sea Day so it was nice to sleep in until 1:50 pm.  Ivan and I headed to the Caribbean buffet where we had grilled fish, potato wedges and sweet potato salad.

Lil Dave was out having fun with his monkey friends – doing the usual monkey business and eating too many bananas.

Went to the theatre for the Marriage Show.  Ivan noticed Tim and Gabbie sitting off to the side, so they could avoid being chosen.

The cruise director John asked for people who had great or horrible marriage proposals.  He chose a few people from the audience.  Then, he kept asking for any really special marriage proposals.  Ivan and I knew he was looking for Tim and Gabbie since he read about their underwater proposal.  John pointed in their direction and Gabbie went up.

We heard good and bad marriage proposals.  One guy put a ring on his girlfriend while she was sleeping, woke her up and asked him to marry him.  How weird is that?

It was Gabbie’s turn and she said how Tim proposed to her while diving.  Tim was to re-create the proposal, although it wasn’t underwater this time.  Tim had to get down on one knee and sing a few lines from their song “(Everything I do) I Do it for You” by Bryan Adams.  It was cute and sweet.  Tim sang better than the other two guys before him.

We all went to Tea Time and enjoyed a tasty scone and a brownie with our tea.

It was time for the Bean Bag Tournament.  Ivan and I got knocked out in the second round.  Tim and Gabbie ended up winning the tournament.

Tim & Gabbie win the Bean Bag Competition

I headed to the jacuzzi while Ivan, Tim and Gabbie went to the Mini Golf Competition.  I chilled reading Lee Mack’s funny autobiography Mack the Life.  They got knocked out pretty quickly and came to meet me at the pool.

Tim and Ivan talked awhile while I continued reading my book.  Gabbie chilled on a lounge chair.

Everybody went to get ready for Elegant Night.  Ivan made some Hammer & Sickle drinks for us.

Ivan and I took pictures on the staircase with our fancy clothes on.

Ivan & Jen all dressed up

It was dinner time.  Ivan started off with pea soup while I had a lovely ricotta cheese and spinach crepe.

Ricotta cheese & spinach crepe

Our main dishes were blackened tilapia for Ivan and Cornish game hen for me.  We decided to share a delicious chocolate melting cake for dessert.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I went to The Big Easy show which has a Louisiana theme.  It was an amazing show with terrific dancing and singing.

We stopped by our room to grab the vodka.  There was a cute hanging monkey towel animal hanging in our room.

Monkey towel animal hanging around

Headed up to the Lido deck to get orange juice, but lemonade is only available at night for some reason.  Vodka and lemonade is tasty, but really sweet.

Tim thought we should play a Bean Bag Drinking Game.

Gabbie, Tim & Ivan having fun

The lights kept changing different colors while we were enjoying our game and drinks.  I think Security was watching us since the lights went off after we finished playing.

Ivan thought we should check out the nightclub Medusa’s Lair.  It was nice to see lots of people dancing in the club.  It’s a really cool club.

Gabbie and I went on the dance floor and danced around.  We noticed a few of the entertainers.  I was drunk and told Gabbie that I danced better than the entertainers which I thought was funny since they dance professionally on the ship.

We had all had another drink in the club.  After dancing, we went to Tim and Gabbie’s room and chatted for a long time.  It was another fun night with our favorite Aussies.

Ivan and I went to sleep at 6 am.

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