Comedy Battle

Ivan woke up early at 8 am on July 13, 2013.  He went back to sleep at 10 am.  We both woke up at 1:50 pm.  It was another Sea Day on the boat.

Ivan and I had lunch at the Truffles Restaurant.  Ivan got a vegetarian pita with hummus for an appetizer.  We both got a delicious salmon piccata with risotto for our main course.

Ivan went to see if The Aussies were up.  Tim was still in bed, but Gabbie was up.

We went to to the Battle of the Sexes with Gabbie.  It was a funny game with the women winning.

We went to see if Tim was up.  He was eating food he ordered from Room Service.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I went to Tea Time.

Ivan & Jen at Tea Time

The scones, apple tart and chocolate tart tasted great with our tea.

Checked out the Bean Bag tournament.

I went to the room to nap while Ivan watched the orchestra band in the Firebird Lounge.

Got ready and went to dinner at 8:15 pm.  Ron and Lisa didn’t come to dinner.  I started off with the corn chowder Maryland while Ivan got the broccoli soup.

Basa filet with cous cous hash

Ivan and I both had the delicious award-winning basa filet with cous cous hash.  We shared a chocolate melting cake and amaretto cake for dessert.

Went to the comedian Lowell Sanders with Tim and Gabbie.  He was funny.

Next, we went to see hypnotist David Knight.  It was a clean hypnosis show and it was good.

We saw the comedian Mark Simmons who was really funny.

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