Shopping & Beatboxing

I woke up at 10 am on July 16, 2013.  Ivan was already up.

I used the internet and ate breakfast while Ivan went to ASDA with his parents.

We said bye to Denise.  Ivan, Lil Dave and I hopped in the car with Ken.  He took us to the Thorpe Bay train station at 12:05 pm.

We got the train at 12:24 pm.  Ivan read while I worked on the blog.  We enjoyed the lunch that was prepared by Denise.

Ivan thought that we should walk to the Airbnb apartment with our luggage, but it was too hot out.  So, we hailed a cab to the place.

Ivan went to get the key and then we went inside the apartment.  It had a big room for tango dancing lessons. 

Our room was hot.. but with the window open it was good, but noisy.

Ivan and I went out at 4 pm and shared a chicken raita wrap at Pret a Manger.  We also shared a lovely yogurt at Snog. 

It was time for shopping. 

Teal mannequins

We walked around Oxford Street and shopped at many places like Topman and FCUK. 

After, we walked around Carnaby Street. 

Carnaby 2013 sign

I noticed an alley and we found the courtyard Kingly Court.  It’s a nice area with free wifi.  Ivan and I used the free internet and chilled before getting food.

Went to Busaba Eathai for dinner.  Ivan and I shared aubergine with mushrooms and greens.  Ivan got the chicken green curry while I got a fish curry.  It was a delectable meal.

We went to London Wonderground.  Ivan and I tried to get a seat in the cute bumper cars, but they were all full.

It was time to see the greatest beatboxer in the world Shlomo

Shlomo beatboxing

He was awesome as usual.  It’s always amazing to see how he makes such cool music with just his vocals.

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