Ivan and I woke up at 9:30 am on July 14, 2013.  The Carnival Legend was late arriving in Amsterdam.

We had breakfast in the buffet with Tim and Gabbie.

We got off the cruise ship at 10:45 am.  We walked 10 minutes to the city center of Amsterdam.

Ivan & Jen in a klompen

Then, we walked around the city looking at souvenirs and the cool buildings.  Ivan and I got a falfael wrap at Maoz while Tim and Gabbie grabbed food nearby.

We went to the meeting place at the Dam Square for Sandeman’s New Amsterdam Free Walking Tour.  Our guide was an Irish man named Mark.

We saw The Old Church.  Mark told us about The Red Light District.  The windows are €75-105 for 8 hours.  The girls aren’t allowed to use the toilet, so they pee in a bottle.  You’re not allowed to take pictures of the girls.  They will come out of their window, chase you down and throw their piss at you.

Amsterdam canal

Our group saw lots of sights like The Red Light District, The Anne Frank Museum, the canals, the narrowest house and the Royal Palace.

Mark told us interesting stories and history about Amsterdam.

Unlocked bikes around the canals are thrown into the canal.  20,000 bikes are taken out of the canal a year.

The tour was great.

After, we did more souvenir shopping.  We all shared some tasty fries at Mannequin with the spicy samurai mayo.

Worried that we wouldn’t make it back at 6:30 pm, but other people were running late as well.  Back on board at 6:40 pm and the Carnival Legend left at 7:10 pm.

Ivan and I showered and went down for dinner.  Ivan and I each started off with a crab cake.  Ivan got the Indian dish while I got a cheeseburger.  Ivan and I shared a chocolate melting cake for dessert.  It was a filling meal.

Ivan, Lisa, Ron, Tim, Gabbie and me

We said good-bye to Ron and Lisa.  They have a place in Las Vegas, so we plan to meet up in August.

Headed to room with Tim and Gabbie to drink wine and chat.

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