Crazy Germans

Ivan and I were supposed to meet up with Tim and Gabbie at 9:30 am for breakfast on July 6, 2013.  We didn’t wake up until they were knocking on our door at 10:30 am.  We were really tired from the lack of sleep the night before.

Ivan and I got food at the breakfast buffet and then went to Tim and Gabbie’s room.  We all left the boat at 11:15 am.  The Carnival Legend was docked in Rostock, Germany today.  The train ride to Berlin is 3 hours long.  Ivan and I have been there before, so we decided not to take the long journey there.

Took a shuttle bus to Warnemünde.  Ivan previously found out that there was a boating festival going on today.

Cute townspeople statue

It’s a cute seaside resort.  We walked around the town and checked out all the food stalls.

Boats sailing by in Warnemünde

Lots of lovely sailboats passed by on the water.

Checked out the beach and saw a guy in a speedo which wasn’t very pretty.  Lots of girls were playing beach handball.  Handball is like soccer except they play with their hands.  One of the teams did a great play where one girl got on all fours and another girl stood on her back and threw the ball making the goal

Girls playing handball on the beach

Walked around to find lunch.  Ivan got a herring sandwich while I got smoked salmon.  We also got champagne and strawberries for our drinks.  Tim and Gabbie got German sausage.  Lil Dave had a banana crepe.

After we finished lunch, a German guy sat at our table.  He didn’t speak a word of English.  He did manage to figure out that Tim and Gabbie were from Australia.  He had a cute dog with him.  He just kept talking German to us and drinking his little shots of alcohol.  It was really funny.  He told us that his name was Rambo and showed us his drivers license to prove that his last name was Rambo.  We thought it was hilarious.  You never know who you’ll meet!  He wanted pictures of us and we took some with him on our cameras.

Jen, German Rambo & Ivan

I think he may be a crazy, lonely guy.  I think he liked me coz he kept patting me on my shoulder.  I think he called me snugglemouse when I put my arm around him to take a picture…which I found quite amusing.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I  said bye to Rambo and started walking around.  Tim and Gabbie really wanted a beer in a stein.  We couldn’t find anything since we’re not in Bavaria.

We all got some German beer, so we sat down.  We saw a few hen dos (bachelorette parties) selling weird things.  It’s a competition between the bride and groom to see who can sell the most stuff.  Then, they use the money to get drunk with on another night.  You can buy all sorts of weird things like condoms, lighters, nail polish, lotion, chattering teeth, leis, naughty dice and shots of alcohol.  Gabbie asked one of the ladies if she knew Rambo since she saw the shots.  She said she knew him.  He must love buying the shots of alcohol from these hen do sellers.

Ivan found some leis, so we all put them on.  Ivan bought a condom lollipop and naughty dice for us.  Gabbie got a box from Tim that said Romance on it with a heart which she thought was sweet, until she read that there were condoms inside in the small print under the heart.  We also bought a few shots for later.  Lil Dave was bummed that they weren’t selling any bananas or any monkey products.

Another group of girls were selling a bunch of things.

Girls selling things for the hen do

We bought more shots since they didn’t have any naughty stuff.

We stopped at a supermarket and bought alcohol.

It was off to the park to relax for awhile.  We chatted and drank our wine.

Ivan, Gabbie, Tim & Lil Dave in the park

Time always seems to fly by when we’re hanging out with Tim and Gabbie.  It seems like we’ve known them for ages, but we’ve actually only known them for three months.

We saw a stag do (bachelor party) selling stuff, but they didn’t have much left.. so we didn’t buy anything.  It was really funny though since the bachelor was wearing a pink dress.

Bachelor wearing a dress

Tim and Gabbie wanted to take wine back on board, so we stopped at the supermarket again. Ivan and Tim went in while Gabbie and I stayed outside.

Gabbie asked a young German guy how to say white wine in German.  He just said white wine in English.  I said No, in German.  Of course, I don’t remember what he said.. but I’m sure it was the right translation.  His friends joined him with lots of alcohol.  Ivan and Tim came outside.  The young German kept kissing me and Gabbie on the cheek and then would try to kiss us on the lips.  But, thankfully we resisted.  Not sure why, but the German guy showed his penis and I thought it was fake since it was so dark.. but no, it was actually his penis.  I didn’t know I’d be seeing more German sausage today.

Ivan said that lots of people were staring at us.  I thought it was hilarious.  I don’t know how people can be so bold and show strangers their private parts.  But, then again we are in Germany.. so it kind of makes sense.  The guys wanted us to party with them.  This sounded like a good idea since it would be fun.. but we’d probably end up getting really drunk, missing our boat and waking up in some crazy German’s house.

We took the shuttle bus back to the cruise ship.

Ivan and I changed.  I put on a pink hula skirt which matched my lei.  The German Bierfest event was happening on the Lido deck, so we grabbed German food at the buffet.  I got sausage, but the German meatballs were the best.

We watched the oompah band “Diech Tirolero” while we ate our food and drank German beer. The tasty strudel was great for dessert.

The band were good, but needed to play more lively songs.  A conga line did form at one point.  I didn’t feel like joining since I was still eating.

I was getting lots of weird looks since I was wearing a pink hula skirt.  I don’t really care what people think of me.  I think it’s funny wearing costumes or anything controversial.

Tim and Gabbie came to the buffet to grab food.  Ivan and I were talking to Ron and Lisa, our tablemates from dinner.

After Tim and Gabbie finished dinner, we all went down to the lobby.  We chatted and drank alcohol.

Ron and Lisa were hungry, so we went to the Pirate Pizza in the Unicorn Cafe.  Ivan and I each got a slice of Funghi Pizza and Margherita.  The pizza is delicious.

We all talked for hours about life, bogans, traveling and Germany.  It was time to say good night.

Ivan and I headed to Tim and Gabbie’s room to chat more since Tim didn’t want to sleep yet.

I was so tired when we finally went to bed at 5 am.

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