At 9:10 am on July 11, 2013, Ivan and I went to the buffet breakfast.  We met up with Tim and Gabbie.

We all headed off the Carnival Legend and walked to the city centre of Tallinn, Estonia.  Walked around the city before going to the meeting point for the Tallinn Traveller Tours free walking tour.

Our guide was a young Estonian lady named Mairi.  She was very knowledgeable about the city.  Mairi gave us a brief history of Estonia.

Our group’s first stop was at Freedom Square where the War of Independence monument is.

War of Independence monument

It’s a weird clear cross with a big E and a hand and sword on it.  The E is not an Euro sign which it’s usually mistaken for, but actually stands for Estonia.

We saw many things during the tour like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In the 1970’s, Estonia didn’t have many tv channels.  Illegal tv could be obtained from Finland.  An erotic film Emmanuelle made it to Estonia.  It shocked people and the government found out and after that many power cuts happened.

The Estonian flag has the colors blue, black and white on it.  The blue represents the blue skies, the black is for the soil and the white is for the purity in the hearts of the people.

Jen & Ivan in Tallinn

At the viewpoint, we saw the pink castle and the Tall Herman tower.

Estonian has their own liquer.  Mairi told us of a drink called Hammer and Sickle which is a mixture of Estonian liquer and champagne.  After drinking it, it hits you on the head with a hammer and the sickle hits your legs which makes you fall to the ground.

The Christmas market at the Town Hall Square is the first to publicly display a Christmas tree in the world.  The square also has the Tallin Town Hall in it.  I really liked the dragons on top of this building.

Dragon on the Tallinn Town Hall

Estonia invented Skype.  Estonians believe that wi-fi should be everywhere, so free wi-fi can be found in most places.

Mairi was a fabulous guide.  I highly recommend this great free walking tour.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I sat down in a cool barrel at the Beer House to have a stein of beer and a pretzel.

Gabbie, Tim & Ivan in a beer barrel

We walked to the everything store where we found the Estonian liqueur which is called Vana Tallinn.  We had free champagne left, so we could try out the Hammer and Sickle later.

Tallinn is a pretty city to visit.  I wish we had more time to explore it.

It was a great moment to take a picture with the Carnival Legend in the background.

Ivan & Jen with the Carnival Legend

We got back on the Carnival Legend.  I went to go shower while Ivan went to get a slice of margherita pizza.  He said to meet him t the Urban Myth trivia game.

I ate a slice of margherita pizza and left the buffet with my green tea and went to the trivia game.

Ivan, Tim and Gabbie were playing, but didn’t end up winning.

It was time for the VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) party.  VIFP Club is the loyalty membership for Carnival.  Ivan, Gabbie and I went to the party while Tim stayed to play another Trivia game.  We got free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Ivan with his free drinks

We grabbed Tim and headed to the dining room for dinner.  I started off with chicken tenders marinated with Thai spices while Ivan got a mushroom soup.

Ivan had the salmon for his main dish while I had the red snapper.  The boat was going really fast and it was a bumpy ride, so I was feeling nauseous.

Our dessert was an amazing homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I went to our room.  I took seasick tablets hoping it would help.  Ivan made the Hammer & Sickle drinks with the Estonian liqueur and the champagne.  It tasted alright.

We headed to the Adult Team Challenge where we joined a team, but didn’t really participate that much.  It wasn’t as racy as we thought it would be.  Our side lost, but both sides got alcohol.

Tim and Gabbie got free champagne from our teammates.  Ivan and I didn’t want any.  Our team started chatting.  It was way too warm in the room and we thought the people were boring, so Ivan and I left to check out the Medusa Nightclub.  There wasn’t that many people in there.  So, we said good night to Tim and Gabbie and headed to our room.

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