Knight Illusion

On July 7, 2013, Ivan and I slept in.  Lil Dave was already playing with his monkey friends.  We went up for lunch at 1:45 pm at the buffet.  I had salad, steak and fish and chips.  It was another Sea Day.

I was hungover and didn’t feel like being a judge for the Hairy Chest Competition.  There were only 3 contestants for it and 1 judge who was an old lady from Wales.

We weren’t sure if Tim and Gabbie were awake or not.  Ivan thought we should check to see if they were in the dining room Truffles.  They weren’t in there, but we saw them as we were walking away from the dining room.  The dining room was already closed for any more orders.

Tim and Gabbie got lunch at the buffet and then we headed to Follies Theatre.

We sat down for The John and Calyvn Show.  It was a game show with 2 Canadians and an older lady from Austin, Texas. 

The John & Calvyn Show

It was a funny show since John and Calvyn made it funny.  We love watching them together doing anything.  The lady from Texas was nervous and kept saying stupid answers.

The Aussies (Tim and Gabbie) left to do a trivia game during the show. 

We met up with Tim and Gabbie later on to play Seafeud 2.  Didn’t end up winning though.  Tim stayed to play more trivia while the rest of us went to Tea Time. 

The Tea Time is in the Truffles Restaurant.  Sometimes you can get a seat by the window with a lovely view of the water, if you come early enough. 

Ivan, Gabbie and I had scones and brownies with our tea.  Ivan and I take our tea very seriously… well, not really.. but we do enjoy the Tea Time on the Carnival cruise ships. 

Later, we all went to the jacuzzi to chill out, read our books and chat.

Ivan and I were late for the Star Wars, Sci Fi and Horror trivia game.  There was lots of nerds playing, so we didn’t win.  Tim said that an 11 year old got all 20 Glee Songbook questions right.  I knew somebody would be really obsessed and get most of them right, so I didn’t bother going to that game.

It was time for dinner in the Truffles Restaurant.  I started off with tasty duck pot stickers. 

Ivan with salmon cheesecake

Ivan and I shared the salmon cheesecake which was interesting.  Ivan also got a fish soup for himself.

Ivan had the tasty vegetarian Indian dish while I got an average pasta with eggplant and tomato.

Gabbie bought a cake at the candy shop for Tim since it was his birthday a few weeks ago.  She bought this cruise for his birthday.  Our waiters came out with the cake and a candle lit.  We all sang Happy Birthday to Tim. 


The chocolate cake was very tasty.

The waiters danced around to Flo Rida’s Low.  Some of the waiters had on accessories like one guy had on a Rasta hat with the fake braids on.

Ivan and I checked out the sunset on our balcony.  It was quite pretty tonight.

Lovely sunset on the Carnival Legend

We didn’t go to see the comedian Tom Pepper since we’ve seen him before on a Carnival cruise ship and he’s not funny at all.  Ivan says he’s like your drunk uncle trying to tell you jokes at a family gathering.

Went to the Justin Illusion show which had dark music  Justin Illusion was a bald guy who you really wouldn’t want to mess with.  It was an entertaining show, but Ivan and I knew how the tricks were done.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I went to see the comedian Austin Knight.  He was an old school 70’s English comedian.  He kept talking to the four people in the front row and trying to flirt with the girls.  He was funny.

Tim and Gabbie said good night to us.  Ivan and I went to the room.  I worked on the blog while Ivan used the internet.

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