Knight Illusion

On July 7, 2013, Ivan and I slept in.  Lil Dave was already playing with his monkey friends.  We went up for lunch at 1:45 pm at the buffet.  I had salad, steak and fish and chips.  It was another Sea Day.

I was hungover and didn’t feel like being a judge for the Hairy Chest Competition.  There were only 3 contestants for it and 1 judge who was an old lady from Wales.

We weren’t sure if Tim and Gabbie were awake or not.  Ivan thought we should check to see if they were in the dining room Truffles.  They weren’t in there, but we saw them as we were walking away from the dining room.  The dining room was already closed for any more orders.

Tim and Gabbie got lunch at the buffet and then we headed to Follies Theatre.

We sat down for The John and Calyvn Show.  It was a game show with 2 Canadians and an older lady from Austin, Texas. 

The John & Calvyn Show

It was a funny show since John and Calvyn made it funny.  We love watching them together doing anything.  The lady from Texas was nervous and kept saying stupid answers.

The Aussies (Tim and Gabbie) left to do a trivia game during the show. 

We met up with Tim and Gabbie later on to play Seafeud 2.  Didn’t end up winning though.  Tim stayed to play more trivia while the rest of us went to Tea Time. 

The Tea Time is in the Truffles Restaurant.  Sometimes you can get a seat by the window with a lovely view of the water, if you come early enough. 

Ivan, Gabbie and I had scones and brownies with our tea.  Ivan and I take our tea very seriously… well, not really.. but we do enjoy the Tea Time on the Carnival cruise ships. 

Later, we all went to the jacuzzi to chill out, read our books and chat.

Ivan and I were late for the Star Wars, Sci Fi and Horror trivia game.  There was lots of nerds playing, so we didn’t win.  Tim said that an 11 year old got all 20 Glee Songbook questions right.  I knew somebody would be really obsessed and get most of them right, so I didn’t bother going to that game.

It was time for dinner in the Truffles Restaurant.  I started off with tasty duck pot stickers. 

Ivan with salmon cheesecake

Ivan and I shared the salmon cheesecake which was interesting.  Ivan also got a fish soup for himself.

Ivan had the tasty vegetarian Indian dish while I got an average pasta with eggplant and tomato.

Gabbie bought a cake at the candy shop for Tim since it was his birthday a few weeks ago.  She bought this cruise for his birthday.  Our waiters came out with the cake and a candle lit.  We all sang Happy Birthday to Tim. 


The chocolate cake was very tasty.

The waiters danced around to Flo Rida’s Low.  Some of the waiters had on accessories like one guy had on a Rasta hat with the fake braids on.

Ivan and I checked out the sunset on our balcony.  It was quite pretty tonight.

Lovely sunset on the Carnival Legend

We didn’t go to see the comedian Tom Pepper since we’ve seen him before on a Carnival cruise ship and he’s not funny at all.  Ivan says he’s like your drunk uncle trying to tell you jokes at a family gathering.

Went to the Justin Illusion show which had dark music  Justin Illusion was a bald guy who you really wouldn’t want to mess with.  It was an entertaining show, but Ivan and I knew how the tricks were done.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I went to see the comedian Austin Knight.  He was an old school 70’s English comedian.  He kept talking to the four people in the front row and trying to flirt with the girls.  He was funny.

Tim and Gabbie said good night to us.  Ivan and I went to the room.  I worked on the blog while Ivan used the internet.


Lovely Gardens

On July 5, 2013, we heard a knock on the door.  It was Room Service delivering our breakfast at 8:30 am.  Ivan and I had smoked salmon with toast, cereal and tea.  Lil Dave had a banana and he saved one for later.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left the Carnival Legend ship at 9 am and we were in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We walked to the train station Osterport.  We took 3 stops and then got off at Vesterport.

Today, we were meeting up with our friend Joyanta and meeting his wife.  They were running late, so we found a café to use their free wi-fi in.  Ivan and I shared some tasty bread at Emmerys while we drank espresso and we used the internet.  I was so tired since we had to put our clocks forward and I didn’t get my 8 hours sleep.

Left the café at 10:40 pm and walked to the train station nearby.  It was good to see Joyanta and meet his wife Ayena.  She’s short like me, slightly taller.

Ivan wanted to check out Tivoli Gardens.  Jo has been before, but Ayena hasn’t.

We walked to Tivoli Gardens and bought tickets for the entrance only.  You can buy a ticket which includes the rides as well.

Tivoli Gardens is beautiful inside with lots of greenery and a few amusement rides.  Ivan and I talked to Joyanta and Ayena about married life and our trip.

Ivan, Jen, Ayeena & Joyanta at Tivoli Gardens

Ayena is really sweet.

It’s great walking around to see all the lovely gardens and fountains.


I would love to see Tivoli Gardens at night since I’m sure it looks beautiful all lit up at night.

Ivan and Jo were silly and tried on a few different wigs from one of the stores.Ivan & Jo with their wigs on

Jo thought he made a pretty girl.  I disagreed and I think Ayena did as well.  I thought both of them made ugly girls and should definitely stick to being men.

I liked Dragon Boat Lake with the pagoda in the background.  You can rent a boat and drive around.

Ivan, Lil Dave & Jen at Tivoli

It looked like rain most of the time we were there.  It was trying hard to rain, but didn’t.  The sun came out at the end of our visit.

Pirate ship at Tivoli Gardens

If you’re ever in Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is definitely worth visiting.

It was time to get some lunch.  Jo knew of a great Pakistani place nearby.

We had lunch at Kebabish.  We shared chicken jalfrezi, chicken methi, aloo palak, vegetarian biryani and dal.

Pakistani food at Kebabish

The food was very tasty.

Ivan, Jo and Ayena and I walked to the station at 2:50 pm.  We said good-bye to Joyanta and Ayena.  It was great catching up with Jo and meeting his wife.  We had a great day with them that went by too fast.  I hope they come to Las Vegas to visit us soon.

Ivan and I went back to Osterport and then walked to the Carnival Legend.  There was a long queue (line) to get back on the ship since the deadline to board the boat was soon approaching.

Ivan and I were both so knackered (tired), so we took a 2 hour nap.

It was time for dinner with Tim, Gabbie, Ron and Lisa.  Ivan and I got mussels, pear and mozzarella salad, shrimp Thai soup and an ahi tuna salad with beet root to share.  The mussels were cooked too much and didn’t have much flavor.  The rest of the dishes were lovely.

We both got the eggplant moussaka for our main dish.  It was very Americanized and had way too much cheese on it.  It was good since we ate the vegetables and avoided the cheese.

Ivan got a fruit salad for dessert while I got lime and pineapple sherbet.  I thought the pineapple was okay, the lime sherbet was delicious.

Ivan and I went to the Punchliner Comedy club to see comedian Lance Montalto.  He was terrible, so we left after a few minutes.  We popped in to see the singer Siobhan Phillips who was even worse.  She looked like a man and Ivan thought she sounded like one too.

Later, we saw the comedian Michael Dean Ester.  Ivan and I were glad that he was funnier than the last guy.


Travelling to Manchester

On June 21, 2013, we woke up at 5:40 am.  We left the hotel at 6 am via taxi.

We had breakfast at the airport.  Our first Ryanair flight from Marrakesh to Paris left at 7:45 am.  Our plane arrived at 11:40 am.  The customs looked like a prison.

Paris Beauvais Tillé airport was really small.  I think the airport was named after Beauvais who is Beavis’ French cousin.

We grabbed our bags since our flights weren’t connecting and walked to Terminal 1.  Check-in wasn’t open yet, so Ivan grabbed food at Paul.

Ivan and I ate our tasty tuna baguettes while trying to use the internet.  It was a poor connection.

We checked in and waited in the super long Security line which was annoying.  I’m not sure how the line is so long and slow.  They need more x-ray machines at the Paris Beauvais Tillé airport.

We walked to our gate and found out that our flight was delayed for 30 minutes.  Not too long of a delay at least.

Getting on the Ryanair plane

The Ryanair plane left Paris at 3:55 pm and started heading to Manchester, England.  We arrived in England at 5 pm.

Ivan and I got a shuttle to the car rental village where we picked up our car since we’ll soon be off on a road trip through England and Wales.

Ivan drove us to the Airbnb place.  We were greeted by Laura.  She made us tea and we talked about our trip, Las Vegas and Manchester.  She was very sweet.

We chilled in our room and took showers.  Lil Dave decided to stay in – he wanted to jump on the bed and Skype with his dad.

Ivan drove us and parked in a car park near The Comedy Store.

The Comedy Store clocks

We ordered a vegetarian saag curry and a vegetarian hot pot at The Comedy Store.  The food was good.  The saag didn’t have much spinach like it should have.

We tried to find a bar for an espresso, but each bar was busy and the service was slow.

The Comedy Store bar

Instead, we each got a Red Bull at the Comedy Store bar.  We also grabbed our bottle of white wine that we bought earlier.

It was time to laugh.  The compère (MC) was Alex Boardman.  He looked like an American actor, but I couldn’t think of his name.  He was really funny as the host.

There were 4 comedians on and they were ALL really good. It was great to hear some English comedians again – always so much funnier than American ones. We particularly liked Ian Stone who we have seen multiple times before..he’s the kind of comedian who you just feel like you could watch for hours and hours because he’s so funny and just such a natural on the stage.

We were surprised how quiet it was in there – in London on a Friday night at The Comedy Store it always sells out and is packed – here in Manchester it was less than half full. Also the crowd seemed a lot less drunk (and thus quieter) than they would be in London.

Ivan drove us back and we called it a night since we had a long day of travelling.

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