Spice Village

On June 30, 2013, Ivan and I had breakfast at 10 am at the B&B.  It was a lot of food – pancakes, boiled egg, cereal, orange juice and tea.

We packed everything up and left Abel’s House.  Ivan started driving out of Caernarfon towards Gwynedd.

It took us 30 minutes to reach Portmeirion Village.  It was £10 per person for the entrance fee.  Good thing, Lil Dave hid in my bag or we would have paid an extra £6 for the monkey entrance fee.

The village has colorful buildings. 

Portmeirion mermaid

The logo of the place is of a beautiful mermaid who I presume is Meirion.  It’s a terrific place. 

Portmeirion plaza

The designer Sir Clough Williams-Ellis wanted to pay tribute to the Mediterranean and created an Italian village. 

Ivan in the lighthouse

Ivan, Lil Dave and I took a walk down to the waterfront.  I thought the trees were wonderful.

Tree with a big muscle

I felt one with nature.  Ivan didn’t feel the same way though.  He did find it beautiful as well though.  But, he thought it was expensive to get in which I agreed. 

I saw lots of beautiful purple flowers.  I don’t know the name of the flower though.

Beautiful purple flowers

There was a sign saying that it’s dangerous because the tide is really fast.  We did see the tide come in very fast.

Lovely greenery in the distance

The mountains and greenery were lovely in the distance.

We walked back to the plaza and then went back to the car.

Driving with lovely scenery around us

Ivan started driving us even more towards the Wales-England border.  We stopped at a restaurant, but it only had Sunday roast for lunch. 

We stopped at Cwpan Pinc in Welshpool.  Ivan and I shared a Welsh rarebit and a jacket potato with tuna. 

Welsh rarebit

Both tasted good, but I really enjoyed the Welsh rarebit.

Ivan drove us more and we were in England.  We drove on and arrived in Stratford-upon-Avon at 6 pm.

We checked in to the Moss Cottage B&B.  The owner Bill is so very friendly and chatty.  He told us how to get around the town and different things to see in town.  We also talked about our trip. 

Ivan and I used the internet for awhile before heading out to get dinner.

Ivan and I walked to an Indian restaurant called Avon Spice.  We shared poppadums with chutneys.  Chicken tikka came out next.  Our main courses were chicken jalfrezi and chala masala with rice and a roti.

Chala masala and chicken jalfrezi

The chala masala was beautiful, but the chicken jalfrezi didn’t have much flavor.  It was a good meal.


The Lake District

On June 23, 2013, Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 11 am.

Ivan and I had cereal and then packed everything up.  We said good-bye and thanks to Laura at noon.

We were off on our English road trip.  Ivan started driving towards The Lake District which is located in Northwest England.  The weather was overcast and gloomy.

I worked on the blog while Ivan drove.  I can’t drive manual (stick), plus I’ve never driven on the other side of the road.  I think I might crash into somebody if I tried.  The roads in England are very narrow.

Lovely green views

When we started getting close to The Lake District, the views were green and lush.  I noticed a lot of cows and sheep in the grass.  It’s great to see so much greenery since you don’t see much in Las Vegas.

It took an hour and 45 minutes to arrive at the Inn on the Lake which described exactly what it was.  It’s located in the small village of Glenridding.

Our lovely pink flowery room

It was a shame that we didn’t get a lake view room, but we still had views of the nice mountains and the golf course.

View of the golf course

The lady at reception recommended a few places for lunch.  We checked out The Ramblers Bar which is right next to the inn.  Ivan thought their menu it looked good, but we drove to find The Travellers Rest.  The selection was really small at The Travellers Rest, so Ivan drove us back to The Ramblers Bar.

Ivan and I shared bean chili, potato and leek soup and a smoked salmon baguette.  Lil Dave got a banana and chocolate baguette.  The food was really tasty.

Ivan and I took baths in the cute bathtub.  It was really relaxing to lie in the hot water.

The Inn on the Lake from the garden

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked around the beautiful garden of the hotel which leads right to the lake with a small pond right before the lake.

Pond in the garden of The Inn on the Lake

Ivan and I hoped that the weather would improve, but not really sure since English weather is known for drizzle and being gloomy.  We checked out the village of Glenridding.

Stream in Glenridding, England

It’s quite cute and quiet.

The lobby of Inn on the Lake

The internet was buggy for Ivan and a few other guests at the hotel.  It worked fine for me on my phone and my netbook.

I used the internet in the lobby while Ivan went next door where he had to pay for internet which only worked at The Ramblers Bar.  It wasn’t that much money, but it wasn’t good that the internet didn’t work for him at the hotel.  Routers can act weird sometimes.

Dogs are allowed to stay at The Inn on the Lake, so we saw a variety of dogs.  The biggest one was a HUGE Great Dane.  It looked like a mini horse.

I joined Ivan in The Ramblers Bar.  It was nice that we could use the same internet connection that he paid for and only pay once.  Ivan and I shared a yummy cider.

There was a cute English sheepdog who was hanging out with his owners.  He couldn’t see a thing!

We got ready in the room.  Ivan put on a nice shirt while I wore a flowery dress.  Lil Dave decided to eat his banana dinner in the room.

Ivan and I headed to the Lake View Restaurant for our 8:30 reservation.

Ivan with the cheese mousse

Ivan and I started off with a cheese mousse with beetroot and grilled halloumi and polenta for our starters.  I decided to get the twice cooked shin for my main course which was really tender and tasted great.  Ivan went with the trout which looked like salmon.

For dessert, I thought we should try the English Sticky Toffee.  I’ve never had this dessert before and I had to try it since it’s a popular English dessert.  I’m so glad that it tasted amazing.  The banana mousse we shared was mild, but tasted pretty good.  It was a lovely meal.

There was free tea and little sweets in the lounge area.  We used the internet in the lounge for awhile before going back to our room for the night.

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