Drowned Purl

On July 19, 2013, Ivan and I met up with Neal at Borough Market.  Lil Dave was out with his friend Robert.

We had lunch at Nando’s sitting outside since it was such a lovely day.  I had a great chicken burger with the tasty garlic peri-peri sauce.  We shared a bottle of rosé‎ which felt refreshing in the warm weather.

View of the River Thames

We walked along the Jubilee Walkway.  Noticed a guy playing the bagpipes on the beach below.

Guy playing bagpipes on the beach

Neal said bye since he had to head back to work.

Ivan and I checked out the Suck UK and a prop store that sold theatre props.

We also walked the Queen’s Walk in Southbank.  There was a cool art exhibition with gardens and lots of windows happening.

Part of the Queen's Walk Window Gardens

I love Southbank since they have lots of cool art exhibitions.

That night, Ivan and I had dinner at Cristini where we shared cannelloni with spinach, mushrooms & dolce latte cheese and a crab squid ink tagliatelle.

Next, we want to the Punchdrunk production called The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable.  It’s located in a huge 200,000 square feet building.  Everybody must wear masks during the production.  It was annoying for me since I wear glasses.

The story is set at the fictional Temple Pictures.  The basic premise is about a couple within Temple Pictures and another one who live in the outskirts of this Hollywood town.  It’s great to be able to roam freely or follow the actors around.  The actors won’t interact to you since wearing the mask makes you invisible.  It’s great to be immersed in this world.  It’s greatly detailed with products in the stores and the houses fully furnished.

The Drowned Man artwork

The production had interpretive dance and lots of things going on like betrayal, voodoo and murder.

I think everybody should go see a production like this once since it’s really cool and different.  It was like being in a weird, surreal David Lynch movie.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but of course I snuck in a few.  The story was a bit confusing.

Creepy faces on the wall

But, I know that Temple Pictures were doing something shady.

After, we stopped at the cool bar Purl.  This speakeasy bar takes reservations on their website.  It’s a bar that serves up drinks in a unique way.

Ivan and I decided to try a couple of the drinks.  We got Puffing Devil No2 which comes with a mini espresso ice cream cone and a cherry atomizer.

Puffing Devil No2

You’re supposed to spray the cherry on the drink before taking a sip.

We also got Smoky & The Bandit where you had to smell smoked salmon which was in a jar before taking your drink.

The Cerez Joker warns that you should inform the server if you have a weak heart.  It includes a fun little surprise.  I won’t ruin it.. just get it – it’s cool!

Another cool one was Purl Open No. 1 Cup which includes a tasty Pimm’s drink in a jug on top of a piece of grass.

‘Our’ Tai came out in a bottle on top of a shell with edible sand on the bottom.

'Our' Tai at Purl London

The drinks were average, but you’re really going here for the drink presentation.  It’s a great place to come visit to chill out and sip on your expensive but wonderfully presented drink.

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