Ramen Tower

Ivan and I had lunch at Le Pont de la Tour on July 21, 2013.  We sat outside which gave us a beautiful view of Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge from Le Pont de la Tour

We each got the set menu.  Started off with the heirloom tomato soup for Ivan and the sardine for me.  Our main course was grilled sea bream fillet for Ivan and asparagus and pea risotto for me.

Grilled Sea Bream Fillet at Le Pont de la Tour

The food was good.

We walked along the River Thames.  I saw a cool big art piece of a head.

Big head on side art piece

Ivan and I chilled out at the apartment.

Later, we met up with Neal.  We walked around to find a bar to sit outside and have drinks.  It seemed like everybody had the same idea though since it was such nice weather.

Man singing and playing the guitar in the water

Noticed a guy singing and playing the guitar on the beach, in the water.  I wonder if he made a lot of tips from his music.

We went to All Bar One and had some Pimm’s.  This drink is so refreshing and tastes so good with the fruit in it.

Ivan wanted to try out a new restaurant.  So, we walked to Bone Daddies.  It’s a ramen bar that serves, you guessed it, ramen.

Ivan got the ramen salad while I got the Sweet 3 miso ramen.  My ramen was sweet with corn, wakame and chicken.

Headed to the train station.  Ivan and I said bye to Neal since he was going in a different direction.  We went back to the apartment for the night.

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