Indian Lady

Ivan and I met up with Neal at The Draft House for lunch.  Lil Dave was out with his friend Robert doing a banana boat tour on the River Thames.  Neal recommended a Yolk burger.  I decided to go for it and eat some meat.  Ivan got a Beirut burger.

The restaurant had cool Ghostbusters wallpaper in the staircase headed to the bathroom.

Ghostbusters wallpaper at The Draft House

Neal was disappointed that the yolk burger wasn’t right – it should have a sunny side up egg, so when you eat it the yolk goes all over the burger.  The burger was good, but the yolk wasn’t runny at all.

We said bye to Neal and went shopping.

Tried for the lottery for the Book of Mormon, but we didn’t end up winning a chance to buy tickets.

Ivan bought tickets for the play The Ladykillers.

Dinner was at Masala Zone.  Ivan and I each got a thali that comes with lots of tasty Indian food.

Thali at Masala Zone

It was time to see some theatre.

The Ladykillers was a funny play about a group of men posing as amateur musicians who rent a room with the sweet old lady Mrs. Wilberforce.

The Ladykillers poster

They make a plan to involve her in the heist job. It was a good play.

We walked to the bus stop.  The Royal Baby was born, so we saw the London Eye all lit up in red. white and blue.

The London Eye lit up in red, white and blue

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