Pooley Walk

On June 24, 2013, I woke up at 9:30 am.  Ivan was already awake.  I had a great night’s sleep – I think the comfortable bed had something to do with it.

We had breakfast in the Lake View Restaurant.  Lil Dave had cereal with bananas in it.  Ivan and I got cereal, tea and smoked haddock fillet with a poached egg.  It was our first time having smoked haddock and it turned out great.

We used the internet in the lounge for awhile.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the pier to go on a Ullswater Steamers boat. 

Ullswater Steamers boat

It was cold being out on the boat since it was windy.  The views were green and gorgeous. 

Lovely scenery on our boat ride

Ivan and I each got a hot mulled wine to warm up our cockles.

Me on the stern of the boat

The first stop was Howtown.  Most people got off at this stop since it’s a popular 3 hour hike back to Glenridding.  Ivan wanted to do this, but the weather wasn’t good.  It would have been really bad walking for hours if it rained and you were wet and cold.

The next stop was Pooley Bridge where we decided to get off the boat.  We checked out the cute souvenir shops. 


Ivan and I went to Granny Dowbekin’s for lunch.  We were sat in the tea garden which had a nice view of the bridge.  Lil Dave got a banana and cheese baguette.  Ivan got the vegetable lasagna while I got the tuna pasta bake.  Mine wasn’t good at all – it needed more tomato sauce and cheese.  Ivan was kind enough to let me have half of his lasagna while he ate the rest of my boring pasta bake. 

We walked back to a souvenir shop and we bought a few things.

Ivan thought we should walk to Howtown which is 2.5 miles away.  It would take an hour and then we could have tea and crumpets later this afternoon.  We got to walk along with the sheep which I’ve never done before.  A group of five sheep greeted us, but they didn’t know what to say to us.  Baaaa Ba would have sufficed.

The sheep welcoming committee

The sheep are pretty calm.

We walked for awhile on the road and we saw some cars pass by, but not many.  We chatted about our childhoods and travelling.  The sun kept coming out every now and then. 

It took us an hour to get to Howtown. 

Howtown sign

We were rushing at the end because we didn’t want to miss the boat since it was already at the dock.  I’m glad we got to the boat before it left since I was so knackered (tired) from walking so much.

More greenery on our way back

It started showering near the end of the boat ride. 

We walked back to the Inn on the Lake.  We went to the bar and Ivan ordered Pimm’s with strawberries and cream.  He got it free with the hotel package he booked.  The Pimm’s was very refreshing. 

Pimm's with strawberries & cream

The cream was really nice, not too sweet, and a perfect match to the sweet strawberries.

We used the internet in the lounge.  I worked on the blog.

At 4 pm, Ivan and I had tea with a scone and crumpets.  I love crumpets.  Lil Dave got a banana scone. 

Lil Dave and I headed to the garden for some Daily Dave shots since I’m so behind on it.

Later, Ivan and I had dinner at 8:30 pm in the Lake View restaurant.  We started off with crispy cod cheeks and a leek & wild mushroom tart. 

Leek & wild mushroom tart

Both tasted good, but nothing too incredibly special.

Our main courses were salmon for both of us.  I think that salmon dishes are usually good.  It tasted wonderful.  I did wish that the skin was crunchier though.

Ivan and me at dinner

I was sad that English Sticky Toffee wasn’t on the dessert menu.  Ivan and I shared chocolate panna cotta and duo cheese and biscuits.  The cheese was alright while the panna cotta was so tasty.  It reminded me of a chocolate mouse.


Driving around Mallorca

Ivan and I woke up at 11:30 am on May 27, 2013.  It was really bad weather out – overcast with black clouds looming above.  Ivan and Lee went to see if they could rent a car, so we could explore the island since the weather wasn’t good.

Lee send a text message to Louise saying that we should grab some clothes for dinner later.

We saw Ivan and Lee with a cute little dark blue car a few minutes later.  They told us to hurry since we had to get the car back at 5 pm.  Louise wasn’t sure why we needed our clothes for dinner later then.  I thought it was a bit odd that they would only rent the car for a few hours as opposed to one day, but I didn’t question it.  I usually just go with the flow.

At 1 pm, we all piled into the little car and drove off towards the mountains.  Nobody really had a definite plan of where to go.  Ivan picked up a Mallorca magazine and was reading that. Somebody read (can’t remember who) that Alcúdia was nice.

There was a cool house music CD in the car.  We played it and all the songs were so fun and good.

We were driving and saw a sign for Campanet and Lee thought we should check it out since he was driving.  It was a really small town that was too quiet.  So, we zoomed through the town and headed back to the freeway.  It was a good thing that Ivan was using his GPS, so we wouldn’t get lost.

Our next stop was Alcúdia.  We walked through the city walls which were old castle walls.


We checked out some souvenir shops.  One shop was selling figs, nuts and apricots.


Ivan and I tried the figs and they were tasty.  We ended up buying a bag of figs with onions.  Sounds weird, but it was actually really good.  Lil Dave was disappointed that bananas weren’t featured in their products.

We saw two restaurants.  Lee thought Pizzeria Restaurant looked good.


The restaurant was located in a great square.  I really wish the USA had cool squares.

Ivan and I shared bruschetta, cucumber with mint and a vegetarian pizza.


Lil Dave got a nice banana pizza.  The food was real good.

It was nice to check out the cool postcards and souvenirs.


It was time to start driving to the next place which was Alcúdia Mar which was the marina.

Ivan, Lee, Louise, Lil Dave and I walked down to the marina.


Lee and I had to use the toilet.  I really should have used the toilet at the restaurant before we left.  There was a short line for the port-a-potties.  I knew it was a bad idea since you could smell how much it reeked from outside.  I went in and it stank so bad.  The toilet wasn’t flushing, so there was tons of toilet paper just stuck in the toilet bowl.  I had to pee really bad though, so I had to go even though I just wanted to puke and get out of there.  That was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a toilet.  How can nobody clean this up? So gross.

We walked around the marina, but there wasn’t anything going on.  It would have looked prettier with better weather.

We stopped by an arcade.  Ivan, Lil Dave and Lee played a few games.


Ivan and I bought a cute little sangria bottle which had a hat and castanets on it. I thought it would be a good souvenir for us.

It was time for our next destination which was Artà.  I was so tired since we didn’t sleep that much last night.  Lee and I fell asleep while Ivan drove.

When we reached Artà, Lee decided to stay in the car and sleep.  Ivan, Louise and I walked through the cute town and checked out the shops.  These towns have the best postcards.  I love sending postcards and try to pick good ones to send to my family and friends.


The shops were once again very unique and quaint.

We all walked back to the car.

Lee seemed refreshed enough to drive.  I fell asleep again.  Lee drove us to a supermarket and picked up a bunch of things.

It was time to head back to Palma de Mallorca.  I’m glad we got to explore more of the island.  Too bad the weather didn’t clear up though.

We chilled back at the boat for awhile.  Ivan and I used the internet.

Lil Dave and Reggie the bear went out for dinner at Molly’s.  Reggie wanted to introduce Lil Dave to some of his bear friends.

Later, it was time for dinner.  I decided to get dressed up and wore the summer dress I recently bought in Ibiza.  We walked to Flanigan for dinner.  Ivan and I went to this restaurant our first day in Mallorca for lunch.

Everybody wanted paella since we didn’t get to have it the night before at the seafood restaurant.  Ivan ordered baby squid croquettes since they tasted great the other day.

The service was really slow tonight for some reason.  We all ordered paella.  Louise and Lee shared the mixed paella while we got seafood paella.


Oh my god, it was the best paella I’ve ever had.  It’s slightly better than the one we had at Formentera Restaurant in Ibiza.  It was so moist and the seafood was delectable.  If you’re ever in Palma de Mallorca, you have to stop by Flanigan for their paella, tapas and apple pie.

I was really stuffed and forgot we already ordered the apple pie (It takes 30 minutes to make).  I’m glad we were sharing it, so we each had one slice.  It was so tasty as usual.

Lee was tired and wanted to go back.  We walked toward Ritzi Bar Lounge because the rest of us wanted to do something.  Ritzi was so quiet though and we didn’t feel like going to Magaluf.  So, we decided to call it a night.

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