Street Dancing

Ivan, Lil Dave and I had lunch at Pasta Bar on May 31, 2013 since Tapas Royale was closed.  I had a spinach tagliatelle with shrimp, spinach and rucula.  Ivan had a tagliatelle with mushrooms.  He was miffed since he asked for spinach tagliatelle and he got regular tagliatelle.  The chef said it’s the same, but it clearly tastes different.  He offered to make it again, but Ivan was really hungry so he just ate it.

Lil Dave went to go meet up with Senor Dave.  They were going to take a monkey tapas tour around Barcelona.  Sounds fun!

Ivan and I went to the Arc de Triomphe for the meeting point for a tour.

It was time to do the free Barcelona Street Style Tour.  Our guide was Mike a guy from California.  I love tours where the guide speaks English because they’re usually funny and more interesting.

The tour was two hours long.  It was great going around the El Borne area and the Gothic Quarter seeing all the cool graffiti.  We saw some great stencil artists that add color like C215 and Alice.

Lovely girl by C215

I liked the cool tiles by SRAM21.  Mike knew all about the artists.  He was very passionate about it.  He thinks that graffiti is ego driven to prove that they exist.   Some artists are anonymous like the guy who puts up Gameboys.

The street art is visually stimulating.  Mike said that one artist loves to get any reaction (good or bad) from the public.. as long as they’re reacting to it.

A popular thing for artists to do is the persianas which is the black steel cover that goes over your store’s doors.

Colorful Persiana

A store owner will pay a street artist to make something on their persiana.  It doesn’t have to go along with the theme of the store, just something that’s cool.

We stopped by Montana Gallery and Bode was currently exhibiting there.

Cram's work with the pierced rat

It was amazing to see so much graffiti from many street artists like Duo, Demetrius Taxidermist, Nieta, Miss Van (the first lady of street art), Dolk, Pez, Penelope, Olae, Vegan Bunnies, Okrabelo, Dr. Case, Cram and La Peluga.

I do like Penelope’s work since she loves hearts.  She had a broken heart so she made broken hearts.  It seems that’s she’s fine now since she’s making full hearts like hearts made of of CDs.

Penelope's CD heart

Her work is simple, but cute.

We saw street art that said La Calle es de Todos which means The Streets are for Everyone.  Mike said that if we took anything from this tour it should be the message The Streets are for Everyone.  I do agree.  I think graffiti and street art can be quite lovely and cool – it’s not ugly. Mike thinks that street art is more impactful than art in a gallery.  People can take a photo of a street art piece and put it on the internet.

Dolk's Funny R2 art

Many people see the photo online and it can influence others to create their own stuff.

We stopped at Base Elements.  it’s a cool urban art gallery filled with cool art and street art.  We got a preview of El Arte es Basura exhibition which was opening tonight.  It was really cool to see his work.


He takes trash on the street and makes it into street art.  Awhile back, the law said that trash was public property if it was on the curb. But, recently a law was passed that makes trash government property once it’s on the curb since they will be picking it up.  So, he has been fined because of this law.

Big wall filled with street art

I highly recommend this tour.  It’s fun to see all the great street art and hear more about how it’s done and about the street artists.

I think graffiti tours are my favorite types of tours because it’s so cool to see all the cool street art – I would have never found it all otherwise.  I love how creative they are.

Next, we walked to Travel Bar.  Ivan wanted to do a cooking class.  We have previously done the cooking class before a few years ago.  It was fun and it came with lots of food and drinks.

We found out there was still space so we signed up.

The group was really big filled with 20 people.  Our teacher Leeard took us to the market.  He bought ingredients for the seafood paella.  We saw weird things like lamb’s head and cow’s stomach.  It doesn’t look very appetizing.

We got to make our own bread and tomato.  The sangria is alright – I think I make a better sangria.  We also got some patatas bravas, Spanish omelet, jamon, and padron peppers to eat.  It was unlimited sangria.

The teacher Leeard started making the paella.  It looked really good with all the seafood going in.

Ivan stirring the paella

The group got a chance to make their own sangria.  Ours was really strong since Ivan put a lot of alcohol in it.  I don’t like putting too much orange juice since it’s very overpowering.

The paella was served later on.  It was very tasteless.  Ivan and I have made better paella at home in Las Vegas.

That night, we had dinner at Tapas Royale.  Ivan and I shared lots of food like bread and tomato and tapas: eggplant with cheese, anchovies, goat cheese with apple and smoked salmon.  It was so very good.  I liked that the restaurant played Queen and my favorite Smiths song Bigmouth Strikes Again.

Ivan noticed a couple that he knew weren’t in the restaurant and wondered where they came from.  We had forgotten that this restaurant has a bar with a dance floor.  It was located right behind the restaurant.  Ivan thought it was so cool that you can eat a lovely meal and then pop into their cool club for free.

The music theme for the night was vintage music and it was lively and fun.  The bar had red lights around it and mirrors on the ceiling.  I kept looking at myself.  I tried to take a picture of myself in the ceiling, but it came out very blurry.  Ivan and I danced for awhile to the unique music.

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