Hat Hunt

Ivan, Lil Dave and I packed everything up.  Tomorrow, we would be leaving London.

We took the bus and then the train with Neal to King’s Cross.  It’s the platform where the 10 1/2 Harry Potter platform is.  I wanted to take a picture with the bags, but the line was too long.

Lil Dave went out to meet up with his friend Robert.

Ivan and I stored our luggage at baggage storage which was £9 per bag.  We all went to Leon for lunch.  I had a tasty chicken superfoods salad.

We walked to HintHunt which was nearby.

HintHunt logo

We met up with Ivan’s dad Ken.  We were going to play HintHunt which is a fun live escape game designed for groups of 3-5 people.  The lady told us about the room and that we had 60 minutes to try to solve a murder and try to get out of the room.  She would help us along the way if we got stuck by the tv screen in the room.

The room was the John Monroe room.  We had to try to solve his murder by looking for clues in his office.  The lady helped us out on the tv screen telling us to look for something or if we’re going in the wrong direction.  It was really warm inside the room.

It was fun searching for clues.  I’ve always liked mysteries.  You really have to search the room under desks and in books.  Sometimes you have to put in numbers to open something and we did find keys to open locks.  We found another room and then later a closet.

Words on the closet wall

I was taking pictures, but was told to erase them.  I kept two though.

We had a good time trying to solve the murder, but unfortunately we ran out of time.  We came really close though.  I recommend doing HintHunt.  It’s lots of fun and makes you work as a team.

We met up with Ivan’s mum Denise at Whole Foods.

Then, we walked to the Soho’s Secret Tea Room which is located upstairs in the pub Coach & Horses.  I love this cute place.

Tea and scones at Soho's Secret Tea Room

Ivan and I had tea with a tasty scone.

We walked to Covent Garden.  We wanted to go to Union Jacks for dinner, but unfortunately their basement room was only open on Saturdays.

Ivan, Neal, Ken and Denise and I walked to Bistro 1 for dinner.  Ivan and I shared falafel and hummus, grilled sardines, creamed spinach and salmon with cream sauce.  The food was good.  We said good-bye to Ken, Denise and Neal.

Ivan and I went to see the musical Top Hat.

Top Hat sign

Ivan thought that it should have had the big musical act with the whole cast like most musicals have.  It was a good musical, but not amazing.

We went back to Kings Cross to retrieve our bags and we met up with Lil Dave.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I took the train to Heathrow and then a taxi to our hotel. It was then time for bed.

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