Ivan and I woke up at 9:30 am on July 14, 2013.  The Carnival Legend was late arriving in Amsterdam.

We had breakfast in the buffet with Tim and Gabbie.

We got off the cruise ship at 10:45 am.  We walked 10 minutes to the city center of Amsterdam.

Ivan & Jen in a klompen

Then, we walked around the city looking at souvenirs and the cool buildings.  Ivan and I got a falfael wrap at Maoz while Tim and Gabbie grabbed food nearby.

We went to the meeting place at the Dam Square for Sandeman’s New Amsterdam Free Walking Tour.  Our guide was an Irish man named Mark.

We saw The Old Church.  Mark told us about The Red Light District.  The windows are €75-105 for 8 hours.  The girls aren’t allowed to use the toilet, so they pee in a bottle.  You’re not allowed to take pictures of the girls.  They will come out of their window, chase you down and throw their piss at you.

Amsterdam canal

Our group saw lots of sights like The Red Light District, The Anne Frank Museum, the canals, the narrowest house and the Royal Palace.

Mark told us interesting stories and history about Amsterdam.

Unlocked bikes around the canals are thrown into the canal.  20,000 bikes are taken out of the canal a year.

The tour was great.

After, we did more souvenir shopping.  We all shared some tasty fries at Mannequin with the spicy samurai mayo.

Worried that we wouldn’t make it back at 6:30 pm, but other people were running late as well.  Back on board at 6:40 pm and the Carnival Legend left at 7:10 pm.

Ivan and I showered and went down for dinner.  Ivan and I each started off with a crab cake.  Ivan got the Indian dish while I got a cheeseburger.  Ivan and I shared a chocolate melting cake for dessert.  It was a filling meal.

Ivan, Lisa, Ron, Tim, Gabbie and me

We said good-bye to Ron and Lisa.  They have a place in Las Vegas, so we plan to meet up in August.

Headed to room with Tim and Gabbie to drink wine and chat.



At 9:10 am on July 11, 2013, Ivan and I went to the buffet breakfast.  We met up with Tim and Gabbie.

We all headed off the Carnival Legend and walked to the city centre of Tallinn, Estonia.  Walked around the city before going to the meeting point for the Tallinn Traveller Tours free walking tour.

Our guide was a young Estonian lady named Mairi.  She was very knowledgeable about the city.  Mairi gave us a brief history of Estonia.

Our group’s first stop was at Freedom Square where the War of Independence monument is.

War of Independence monument

It’s a weird clear cross with a big E and a hand and sword on it.  The E is not an Euro sign which it’s usually mistaken for, but actually stands for Estonia.

We saw many things during the tour like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In the 1970’s, Estonia didn’t have many tv channels.  Illegal tv could be obtained from Finland.  An erotic film Emmanuelle made it to Estonia.  It shocked people and the government found out and after that many power cuts happened.

The Estonian flag has the colors blue, black and white on it.  The blue represents the blue skies, the black is for the soil and the white is for the purity in the hearts of the people.

Jen & Ivan in Tallinn

At the viewpoint, we saw the pink castle and the Tall Herman tower.

Estonian has their own liquer.  Mairi told us of a drink called Hammer and Sickle which is a mixture of Estonian liquer and champagne.  After drinking it, it hits you on the head with a hammer and the sickle hits your legs which makes you fall to the ground.

The Christmas market at the Town Hall Square is the first to publicly display a Christmas tree in the world.  The square also has the Tallin Town Hall in it.  I really liked the dragons on top of this building.

Dragon on the Tallinn Town Hall

Estonia invented Skype.  Estonians believe that wi-fi should be everywhere, so free wi-fi can be found in most places.

Mairi was a fabulous guide.  I highly recommend this great free walking tour.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I sat down in a cool barrel at the Beer House to have a stein of beer and a pretzel.

Gabbie, Tim & Ivan in a beer barrel

We walked to the everything store where we found the Estonian liqueur which is called Vana Tallinn.  We had free champagne left, so we could try out the Hammer and Sickle later.

Tallinn is a pretty city to visit.  I wish we had more time to explore it.

It was a great moment to take a picture with the Carnival Legend in the background.

Ivan & Jen with the Carnival Legend

We got back on the Carnival Legend.  I went to go shower while Ivan went to get a slice of margherita pizza.  He said to meet him t the Urban Myth trivia game.

I ate a slice of margherita pizza and left the buffet with my green tea and went to the trivia game.

Ivan, Tim and Gabbie were playing, but didn’t end up winning.

It was time for the VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) party.  VIFP Club is the loyalty membership for Carnival.  Ivan, Gabbie and I went to the party while Tim stayed to play another Trivia game.  We got free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Ivan with his free drinks

We grabbed Tim and headed to the dining room for dinner.  I started off with chicken tenders marinated with Thai spices while Ivan got a mushroom soup.

Ivan had the salmon for his main dish while I had the red snapper.  The boat was going really fast and it was a bumpy ride, so I was feeling nauseous.

Our dessert was an amazing homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Ivan, Tim, Gabbie and I went to our room.  I took seasick tablets hoping it would help.  Ivan made the Hammer & Sickle drinks with the Estonian liqueur and the champagne.  It tasted alright.

We headed to the Adult Team Challenge where we joined a team, but didn’t really participate that much.  It wasn’t as racy as we thought it would be.  Our side lost, but both sides got alcohol.

Tim and Gabbie got free champagne from our teammates.  Ivan and I didn’t want any.  Our team started chatting.  It was way too warm in the room and we thought the people were boring, so Ivan and I left to check out the Medusa Nightclub.  There wasn’t that many people in there.  So, we said good night to Tim and Gabbie and headed to our room.


Mad Shakespeare World

On July 1, 2013, Ivan and I had the breakfast at the Moss Cottage at 9 am.  We had the tasty Moss Cottage trifle which is Greek yogurt with granola, dried apricot and honey.  We also got toast, poached eggs with smoked salmon and juice.  I picked apple instead of orange since I’m not the biggest fan of orange juice.  The apple juice was really nice.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I left the B&B before 10 am.  Ivan found a car park and we parked the car there.

Walked to the Swan Fountain and arrived before 11 am. 

It was a big group of 30 people and 1 monkey for the Stratford Town Walk.  Our tour guide was a local lady named Barbara. 

We saw the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre. 

On Market Street, they painted a red post box gold since a guy form Stratford-upon-Avon is a gold medalist. 

Two gold post boxes

There’s two post boxes, but the other one was left red and it looked funny next to the gold one, so they painted that one gold as well.

Barbara showed us different thatch houses and let us know if they were old or new.  It was hard to tell sometimes.

Thatch houses

Barbara took us to our first stop which was William Shakespeare’s birthplace.  You can take a tour of the house for an entrance fee.  Barbara told us about his life.  Shakespeare married at 18 to Anne Hathaway who was 26 years old.  Anne had Judith and then later two twins Susana and Hamnet.  Shakespeare went away from 1595-1592 which were his Lost Years and nobody knows what he did or where he was.  Hamlet died when he was 11 years old – Shakespeare wasn’t there.  He turned up later writing plays in London. 

Judith married a guy who was a drunkard.  Shakespeare didn’t like him since he thought he was a gold digger. 

Old Thatch Tavern is the only building in Stratford-upon-Avon to have a thatch roof.  Thatch is wood which can burn very easily.  The people who worked at the Old Thatch Tavern would always get the guy who wanted to them to get rid of the roof really drunk, so that he always forgot what he came in that tavern for.  Thatch is quite warm, so the cats and dogs would snuggle up in it.  But, when it rained it got really wet, the cats and dogs would jump from the roof.  That’s where we get the term “it’s raining cats and dogs”.

We also learned that The Teletubbies were actually created in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Our group saw lots of lamp posts from many countries around the world that were given to Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Israel lamp post

The best one was from Israel which had a few characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

We stopped at Nash’s House and the site of New Place.  New Place was a big house that Shakespeare bought when he came back to Stratford-upon-Avon in 1610. 

The site of New Place

He died 6 years later in 1616.  A guy lived in Shakespeare’s place after he died and he was harassed by people wanting to see where Shakespeare lived and died.  He kept going to the council to get help, but they didn’t do anything.  He eventually got fed up with asking for help and nothing happening… so, he moved away.  He told his servants to tear the house up.  So, eventually it was demolished.  The council didn’t get anything and it was gone.  Such a sad story because of a selfish man.  I’m all for keeping history alive for future generations to see. 

We saw a scene on the river that Barbara thought was beautiful and was the perfect postcard for Stratford.  Too bad they don’t sell this picture in the souvenir shops.

Stratford-upon-Avon scenery postcard

We also saw boats that you could rent with names from Shakespeare’s plays like Ophelia, Rosalind and Juliet.

Boats on the river in Stratford-upon-Avon

The big group went to the grounds of the Holy Trinity Church.  Barbara told us that the churches in Stratford would do a recycle and take the bones and create a bone fire.  That’s where we get the term bonfire. 

Holy Trinity Church

Shakespeare was worried that this would happen to him and his family.  So, he bought land inside the church to have his family buried there.  He put a curse on his grave as well which you can read on the top of the picture below.

Shakespeare's grave

He certainly had a way with words.  Usually its £2 per person to get in, but with the tour we got in for £1 each. 

It was great to be able to take pictures of the grave.  We also got a few minutes to take pictures in the church.  I do like church architecture. 

Beautiful glass stained windows

I really do love stained glass windows since they seem mysterious and cool to me. 

Ivan asked if the Shakespeare bloodline still existed.  Barbara said that it actually was dead.  An inn owner said that she had Shakespeare’s child.  He was also the godfather.  So, maybe there is some Shakespeare blood out there somewhere.

We stopped outside of Susana’s house.  Susana married well and Shakespeare was happy about that.  She married a doctor.  If a person had a sore throat, he would hold a frog over a patient’s mouth.  The frog’s saliva would drop into their mouth.  The frog’s saliva has antiseptic qualities.  Barbara said that this is where we get the term “frog in the throat”.

Shakespeare left most of his estate to his favorite daughter Susana and nothing to his other daughter.  He left Anne his second best bed.  The best bed was for the guests.  The second best bed was the marital bed. 

Barbara was a wonderful guide.  I highly recommend the Stratford Town Walk.  It’s great to see some of the Shakespeare sights, hear about his life and see the lovely town. 

I really do find Stratford-upon-Avon quite charming.  It’s nice to walk everywhere you need to go.  We didn’t know there would be so much to do.  If Ivan knew this, we would have booked a stay for longer.

Ivan and went to The Church Street Town House for lunch.  Ivan and I shared a Mediterranean vegetable and goats cheese sandwich & a crab, spring onion and Gruyere cheese sandwich and a mushroom soup.  The vegetable sandwich was really good while the crab sandwich lacked flavor.  The mushroom soup was beautiful. 

We used the free internet for awhile in the restaurant.

Ivan, Lil Dave and I walked to the Bancroft Cruisers.  We saw a male swan roaming around and he wasn’t afraid of humans and went really close to us. 

At 4 pm, we got on to the boat.  A swan tried to pop its head into the window. 


We thought it was really cute.

Ivan and I got a Fresh Scone Cream tea and another tea.  The scone was quite tasty with the cream and jam. 

The guide talked about what we were passing.  He wasn’t very chatty probably since it was his last boat ride of the day.  He went off on a tangent about how cows shouldn’t eat corn. 

The outside of Holy Trinity Church

We saw the RSC, Holy Trinity Church and lovely houses along the river.

Bridge in Stratford

The scenery was really quite beautiful.  I really love this town.  I hope that I get to come back to visit. 

We chilled for awhile at the B&B.

Later, we walked to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).  Ivan picked up the tickets at the Swan Theatre box office. 

It was time to see a farce.  The play was called Mad World My Masters.  It’s about a guy who is the nephew to a rich man.  The guy is quite mad and wants to claim his inheritance before his rich uncle dies.  So, he concocts a plan to impersonate a Lord and then raid his vault. 

Another storyline was about a woman who was in love with another man who wasn’t her husband.  Her sister was a con artist who was actually a prostitute pimped out by her mother. 

The two stories eventually intertwined.  It was a funny farce.  It was slow at times, but it was entertaining. 

Ivan and I walked back to Moss Cottage.  We had some tuna pasta dishes at the B&B.  We watched some tv while we used the internet.


Medina Market Tour

Breakfast was at 9 am on June 12, 2013.  It was American style breakfast today.  We got lots of bread and fruit.  Also, we enjoyed tea and scrambled eggs.

At 10 am, we were picked up by Najib.  He was going to be our guide for the Medina Market Tour.

It was a great tour through the winding narrow Medina streets of Fez.  We passed by lots of mosques and visited two tanneries (where they make leather and rugs).

Leather bags and cushions

We stopped at many stores where the owners were showing off their goods like cushions, leather goods, scarves and tablecloths.

Woman hand embroidering a tablecloth

I liked seeing the beautiful amariyas which the bride sits on and is carried to the wedding by four men.

White Amariya

Ivan was in search of fez from Fez.. but he didn’t know he’d find the first one in giant form!

A giant fez in Fez

When you go to see a tannerie, you’re given mint to cover the bad smell.  It really does help… I do love the smell of mint.

View from a tannery in Fez

We also got a great view of the city from the tanneries.  It’s cool to see all the stone vessels where the workers dye the leather in different dyes like saffron, henna and mint.  After the dying, the hides are placed on the roofs of the Medina to dry.

Stone vessels in the tannery

It was nice stopping at a school to see the children. A few of the kids were two years old.

Kids in their classroom in Fez

I took pictures of them and showed them their picture which they loved.

Najib showed us fez hats which were good quality costing 120 dirhams.  He said there were tourist ones for 20 dirhams which was definitely more reasonable.  Ivan was happy that he finally found a fez in Fez!

Our guide Najib with Ivan wearing his new fez

We stopped at Restaurant Nejjarine.  A lot of starters came out first which were different vegetable dishes.  Ivan got a vegetable and almond tangine while I got a chicken and lemon tagine.  We got fruit for dessert.  The food was good.  The Moroccans give you so much food when you visit a restaurant.  It’s really quite filling especially with the bread and rice.

We saw many cats during our tour.  Najib said it’s because there are mice in the medina.  There are lots of street cats who are very malnourished which is really sad.

Mosque in Fez

We walked around some more with our guide.  He asked if we wanted to take a taxi outside of the Medina.  We were too tired from walking around for five hours.

The tour was great since it’s very confusing navigating the streets of the Fez medina (old city).  We didn’t really understand our guide that much, but he certainly knew his way around and took us to some cool places.

We saw the newborn kitties again who were fast asleep in a box.

Four sleeping kitties in a box

Back at the hotel, we used the internet and I worked on the blog.  Ivan went out and got a chickpea sandwich which was quite tasty.

Lil Dave was back from hanging out with Abu and his friend Bart’s cousin named Muhammad.

We wanted to have dinner in the market, but we weren’t sure what everything was.  Not everybody spoke English, so it was hard to tell if the food had meat or not.

Ivan and I ended up at Restaurant Andalib which was the same restaurant as last night.

Terrace at Restaurant Andalib

Ivan and I shared harissa soup, seafood pastilla (which is a pie made out of filo dough) and vegetable cous cous.  It was a tasty meal again.

Seafood pastilla

We were the only ones in the restaurant again.

We walked around the shops since I didn’t have many clothes that were dark – my clothes were bright and made me stand out a bit.  All the women’s shirts were dressy.. I just wanted a t-shirt.  I bought a black England shirt which was actually for men, but it still looked good one me.


Passionate Shopping

Ivan, Lil Dave, Denise, Ken and I had breakfast in the apartment on June 10, 2013.  Denise made us breakfast with rice cakes and boiled eggs.  I filled out postcards during breakfast.

It was time to go shopping.  Denise bought too much stuff on holiday, so she wanted to buy a new rolling suitcase.

Ivan went in search of a cool jacket he saw at Zara in Ibiza.  He found one that he liked better, but they didn’t have his size.

Pasta Bar was our stop for lunch.  We love this place since you can customize your own pasta dish.  I had a tasty spinach tagliatelle with pesto, spinach and rucula.  Lil Dave really enjoyed his banana gnocchi.

We walked to the Travelbar.  We were going on a free walking tour.  Our guide was an interesting fellow named Iseph.  He was very passionate about the history of Barcelona.  Ivan and I wish our history teachers were as interesting as him – we probably would have learnt a lot more.

Our group listening to Iseph

He took us around El Call which is the Jewish Ghetto and The Gothic Quarter.

We went to the oldest synagogue in Europe.

Oldest European synagogue

It was so interesting to hear about Barcelona’s history, the Jews in Barcelona and Barcino which was the name of the early Roman town of Barcelona.

He told us a story about Eulalia who was tortured to made an example of because she wouldn’t recant her Christianity.

Tribute to St. Eulalia

She was placed in a barrel filled with glass shards and rolled down a hill.  The barrel was opened and you would have expected her to be mince meat, but miraculously she was still alive.  She was later named a saint.

Iseph believes that you should experience Barcelona by looking up.

Looking up in Barcelona

It’s true since there’s so many interesting things to see up above like statues and church facades.

We saw the City Architecture School which features an early Picasso artwork.

Early Picasso

We saw Neri H&R which is a restaurant in a square which was used in the Cristina Barcelona film by Woody Allen.

The group stopped at the beautiful Palau de la Música Catalana.

I missed the beginning of the story about the crapping statues called caganers.  It has become a Christmas tradition.

Pooping statues

You can find many statues taking a poop like the Queen, Barack Obama, Betty Boop, Elvis, futball stars and even Spongebob Squarepants.

I highly recommend this free walking tour especially if you get Iseph.

We left the tour a few minutes early since we were all so tired from walking around.  Ivan gave him a tip from us and we were off to do more shopping.

Ivan found a cool suit jacket at Zara.  He didn’t find the other one he wanted, but maybe he can find it in Manchester later in our trip.

Denise and Ken found a big blue suitcase at a souvenir shop.

Ivan and I dropped off Denise and Ken at the Sant Josep de la Boqueria market.  I went to find a store I liked while Ivan went to an internet café to print out our boarding passes for our flight tomorrow.

Ivan put in the GPS a store that I liked, but not the one I REALLY wanted to go to.  I was a bit peeved and put in Urbarna’s address.  I was thinking I shouldn’t bother going the half mile, but didn’t listen to my thoughts and trekked all the way there.

Unfortunately, Urbarna was closed which sucked – I should have remembered that it was Monday and a lot of places are closed in Barcelona on Mondays.  I was hot and trying to rush back since I had been gone awhile.

I found Ivan near the market and he was worried about me.  He kept running back and forth from the shop to the market trying to find me.

We relaxed for awhile back at the apartment.

Got a taxi to La Placa Reial.  We were going to see flamenco at Los Tarantos.

The flamenco show is 30 minutes for €8 per person.

A woman dancing flamenco

I love watching the women twirl around.  The main star was a guy who was a great dancer.

Flamenco at Los Tarantos

Flaamenco is exciting to watch because the singers and the dancers are always so passionate.  Ivan and I wish we knew Spanish because we have no clue what they’re singing about.  This was a great show which was very cheap compared to many of the other flamenco shows which can be about €50 each.

Dinner was at Mercat Princesa.  It’s the cool place with lots of cooking stations that we went to with Alba.

Mercat Princesa Mekong Station

Denise and Ken got a few dishes: mushrooms with scrambled eggs, tomato soup and fried rice.  Ivan and I enjoyed mussels, patatas bravas, shrimp, tapas and a goat cheese salad.

Ivan's ready to eat!

Denise and Ivan went to look at the desserts at the front of the restaurant.  They brought back tiramisu and brownies.  Ivan and I had some of the tiramisu.  Denise liked her brownie.  We saved one of the brownies for later.

We went back to the apartment.  Denise, Ken, Lil Dave and I watched a funny, cheesy movie about a chimp who learns how to skateboard called Most Vertical Primate.


Gaudí Tapas

Ivan, Lil Dave and I woke up at 11 am on May 30, 2013.  We used the internet while we waited for our laundry to finish.

We left at 2 pm.  I asked Ivan if he had the key and he said yes, but he didn’t check.. so I closed the door.  It turned out he didn’t have the key.  I guess I should have hesitated more while he actually checked.  He called the lady with the Airbnb apartment.  He was going to meet somebody to get the key in 30 minutes.

It was time for lunch and we walked to Irati for tapas.  Lil Dave had to make his own bananas with some bread.  Ivan and I shared a bunch of tapas: crab meat with egg, anchovies, smoked salmon, goat cheese with quince and cabbage.

We went on the Runner Bean Gaudí Free Walking Tour.  I asked Ivan if we could take a Gaudí tour and he found this one online.  Our meeting point was at my favorite square in Barcelona Plaça Reial.

The tour was 10 people and 1 monkey.  Our guide was named Miguel.  It was cool to hear about the history of Gaudí.  He was Catalan and refused to speak Spanish.

Our first stop was Palau Guelle with the colored chimneys – one looks like ice cream.  Gaudí broke the tiles and put them back together.

The group took the Metro and then walked to Casa Batlló which is definitely my favorite Gaudí building.  It looks quite gothic and cool.  I love the skulls outside of the windows.

The cool Casa Batlló

It has aptly gained the nickname The House of Bones.  I really love the style of this building.  It’s very unique and looks like something out of a dark Gothic movie.  The Chupa Chups inventor currently owns the Casa Battló.  Miguel told us that people still live here and their rent is really cheap since they’ve lived there for ages.  Imagine living in this cool building.

Gaudí was a madman and a genius.  He was very creative and loved putting color in his work. He was over way over budget with his projects.  He didn’t seem to eat much. He was either working or he was at church.   I love Gaudí’s Park Guell, but sadly the tour doesn’t go there.

We walked shortly down the street to our next stop which was Casa Milà or better known as La Pedrera (The Quarry).

La Pedrera

Roser Segimon and Pere Milà i Camps, the owners, thought that it would look like Casa Batlló, but it didn’t turn out that way.   Miguel said that women would cover their children’s eyes when passing by this building since they thought it was so ugly.  It’s not the prettiest of buildings.  I’ve heard the statues on the roof are really worth looking at.  It was a troubled commission with Gaudí fighting with the owner and putting in vengeful things in the balcony.

I’m not too fond of this building.  From afar it looks awful.  Up close, the balconies do look interesting though.  I would love to see the roof though.  Statues on the roof have inspired George Lucas’ Stormtroopers in Star Wars.  I could see how he could have gotten inspiration from the statues’ helmets.

Statues on the La Pedrera's roof

Picture is from Gage Academy of Art.

The owners didn’t actually give Gaudi his all his payment in the end.  He ended up taking Milà to court and ended up winning 105,000 pesetas.

Our guide Miguel reminded everybody that we would be on the Metro and it’s full of pickpockets.  You should watch all your belongings and not have any loose items visible.  He said if you have a backpack put it on your front, so you can see it at all times.  Of course, somebody didn’t listen.

We took the Metro and we came out and an Asian girl got her wallet knicked (stolen).  Miguel went back to see what was going on.  Ivan didn’t know what was going on, so we walked on.  I guess they were trying to see if they could find it.  I’m sure it was long gone by now since the train had already left.  She thought that she’d be able to feel it if somebody tried to take something.  Really?! A pickpocket is not going to make it obvious he’s taking your stuff.

The last stop was of course the huge Sagrada Familia.

The huge Sagrada Familia

It’s a massive building that still isn’t finished and it’s been 131 years.  It’s sad that the originals model was broken since vandals decided to smash it.  But, they did somehow manage to put it back together.  I know it would be a big undertaking to try to copy what Gaudi was trying to create.  But, I seriously don’t know what’s taking too long.  Ivan and I think it’s because the Spanish are lazy and they take too many siestas.  Ivan says if the Sagrada Familia was in Las Vegas, it’d be done in 2 years just like the big hotels that are built.  The estimated date of completion is 2026.  I would love to see it once it’s done.

This side shows the death of Christ

Gaudí wanted it as a church since he was so religious.  One side is the birth of Christ which is the more popular side.  The other side is the death of Christ which isn’t meant to be nice.  The fruit’s meaning on the building means abundance while the chalice represent the blood of Christ and the wheat and bread are the body of Christ.

This is a great tour if you would love to find out more about Antoni Gaudí and a few of his greatest works.

We walked around and Ivan put the coordinates for Hector in his phone, so I checked out their pink boots. The price is €190. I couldn’t believe they were so expensive. I know they’re leather made in Italy.. but that’s way too much money. I know I could buy plenty of shoes with €190.

Later that night, Lil Dave went out to meet up with his cousin Senor Dave for dinner.

Ivan and I had dinner at Bohèmic.  This was a cute modern tapas restaurant run by a family.  Ivan and I ordered bread and tomato, sweet tuna, patata bravas, cod fish fritters, crab salad with the crab from Alaska and red wine.  For dessert, we got a chocolate cake with ice cream.  It was served in a cute jar.

Me with a spoon & dessert

The meal was delicious except the sweet tuna was rather boring.

I really wanted to check out the cool music bar I saw yesterday.  The Sin Copa Music Bar is cool since there’s a fake band on the ceiling hanging down.

Sin Copa band on the ceiling

Ivan and I each got a Kir Royal drink which was champagne and something else.. but, not sure what it was.  It was tasty and had a nice reddish color though.  I love Barcelona. It’s filled with many unique bars, restaurants and shops.  I could definitely live here.

Ivan was still hungry, so we walked around.  We stopped at Tapas Royale.  He had a fish and an eggplant tapa.

We went back at midnight since our feet were so tired from walking a lot during the tour.

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